Most Popular Music Keyboard Cases

As a kid, I was so amazed when my cousin played his keyboard. Hyped about it, I convinced my parents to buy me a keyboard and enlist me for piano lessons. This was the moment that changed my life forever. Now I am a professional musician playing gigs and concerts on a weekly basis. If you are just entering the marvellous world of keyboard playing, let me be your guide for the all the basic requirements every novice keyboard needs.

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Keyboard Cases – protection is everything!

As a musician who is always on tour, carrying your keyboard can be a hassle! The keyboard case is always here to protect it from accidents. If it rains or snows, music keyboard cases have a great durability and can take on any condition. Here are my three favourite keyboard cases that I think are worth the money.

Gator 88 Note Case W/ Wheels

Built with a great quality from solid aluminium with blackish coated finish, with extra 7 inches deep, it has a unique wedge and block design for internal customization. Equipped with two gripped rubber handles that can take up to 130lb. As a musician who is always on tour, this is one the best cases I have ever owned. The price is always equal to the quality. Maybe you will pay a little more than the standard ones but you will get quality and a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer!

Stagg ABS Keyboard Case with Wheels

This robust case with aluminium edges is the ultimate protection for those medium sized keyboards. It is equipped with 4 metallic well-built wheels that would not fall after just a few months. The handles are built with quality plastic material that would not break so easily. The price is average and if you are willing to invest this is something you should put on third place on your list. This case gives you great mobility and ultimate protection for your keyboard if any accident should happen.

Heavy Duty Road Case For 61 Key Keyboards

One of the best keyboard cases built with metal ball corners and pearl foam lining and Penn Elcom Latches. It comes with the standard big size cases 135.6 x 54 cm x 28 cm. The inside is equipped with an extra compartment that is useful for your power supply and other keyboard accessories.


The keyboard is the place where you transform your creativity into art. You get on another level of existence and protecting your keyboard should be your top priority. With the help of keyboard cases, you can protect from any condition (rain and snow) and situation (accident fall) and makes them easier to transport from your band van to the stage.

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