Boho Fashion – Are You A Bohemian Style Person

The best way to know if you’re a devoted follower to the boho fashion trend is to stand in front of the mirror and observe yourself; if it’s summer, all you have on you are very short pants, a very long flowy top or a cutoff, and practically nothing underneath. You’re also wearing a headscarf, and your hair is as natural as it can be; meaning no hair styling, no professional cutting, no professional dying. No makeup as well. You’re as loose as a bird. Although boho style is nothing new on the fashion scene, it roots go back in the early 20th century, when the French invented a name for gypsy that had no permanent home, nor shaped personality. They were wanderers, travelers or refugees if you want; and were referred to as “bohemian”.

  • A Short Intro Into Boho Fashion

Bohemian style, or also known as boho-chic, is a term that comes from Central Europe’s gypsy, or to b exact, the French name for them. Back in France, the term was used to describe individuals that were extremely desperate in the way they look; much like Jesus Christ, Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare, and therefore, much like the gypsy. However, in 1960’s under the influence of the hippie style , the boho concept started shaping itself, at first as a way of life and philosophy, strongly represented by the Stephen sisters, Virginia Wolf (famous English writer) and Vanessa Bell (famous English painter and interior designer). They were both part of the famous Bloomsbury group, which is believed to be the starting point of boho concept. In the late 90’s, with the appearance of model Kate Moss and afterwards Sienna Miller, boho concept entered the fashion scene and became a real fashion stream with its own elements, colours and designs. Today, there are entire branded shops devoted to the boho fashion, and style icons who represent boho style big time.

  • Elements of Boho Fashion

Every style has its own element through which it’s recognizable. That’s exactly the point of the above mentioned test on how to know whether you’re a boho person. You know you’re more of a classic if you enjoy tailored pants, shirts and tailored suits. You’re a rock person if the colour that’s most present on your clothes is either black, or black and white, or grey. And a lot of metal in between. It’s the same with boho. It has its elements in terms of clothes, colours and accessories:


Clothing pieces mainly present in a boho person’s wardrobe are: mainly white, long floathy skirts, gilettes with fur, a lot of tunics (just like hippies wear) cropped jackets, large coin belts, UGG boots and presently, a lot of fancy, knee-long, knitted vests. What is interesting about boho fashion is that you’ll never see high heels in this section. It’s against boho philosophy to wear something that is uncomfortable.


Now, as much as you think you know colours, let me just introduce you to some new terms: dye, paisley, floral and suzani. These are all the main boho ‘colours’ . The thing is, these aren’t colours as the definition of it may imply, but more like patterns. And they’re lively, very lively and diverse.


Boho fashion implies a lot of them. Even more than you think. There are headscarves, feathers (mainly natural ones), glasses in funny forms, and lots, lots of jewelry. Bracelets, earrings (long, rich in additional elements like feathers, small chains and similar) , a lot of long simple necklaces, that all represent the bohemian philosophy: you’re free and independent and most importantly, an artist of life. It really is a very diverse and pretty much, a world of its own, the bohemian jewelry section.

All in all, boho fashion is more than just clothing style; it’s a philosophy and a way of life. It presents a very simple line: lead an unconventional, artistic life. No wonder it rooted in the Bloomsbury group, where a bunch of artists and intellectuals decided they’re going to use their minds and shape their own lives, throwing away bureaucracy and everything that goes with it, even fashion.

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