World’s Most Creepy Animals

Our planet “Earth” is so small compared to the other planets in our solar system, but so rich with wildlife in it, that even we, the ones that live here, unfortunately slowly are destroying it. Everywhere widespread fauna, even in the coldest parts of the planet, in water, on land, in the air.

Virtually anywhere you can see a living being whether a beautiful bird that flies through the air or a dolphin that swims in the seas/oceans or some creepy creature such as scorpion, snake, bat, etc.. creepy animals whether they are dangerous or harmless they are so gruesome that you don’t want to be in their vicinity. In this list I’ve chosen the creepiest animals about whom I think everyone would agree with me, not that they are so awful looking but their very presence can make you goosebumps. Here is the list of the most creepy animals … Feel free to write in a comment which of these is your most creepy animal or if we missed some add up.

Creepiest Animals In The World

  • Spider

Spider, creepy animals

We can find spiders all around us, beside the sea, forests, meadows, wetlands, in the cellars. All spiders except two species have venom glands, but it doesn’t mean that they can harm humans. Both species which are poisonous “black widow” and huge hairy spider “Tarantula”. Bite from either of the two types never cause death in humans, only swelling and severe pain for some time The most interesting feature of spiders is that they can knit “spider-webs” in the form of wheel and shaker tubes in a form of a tunnel.


  • Snake

Snake, creepy animals

Famous reptile with no legs who has more than 2000 species (toxic and non-toxic). Snakes can be found in the water, the ground, the trees literally everywhere. Poisonous snakes first paralyze their victim which soon dies, and then eat it. While snakes like pythons are clutching and winding around him until they brake every bone ie until they crush to death. Poisonous snakes are very dangerous to humans, a bite can cause death if you don’t use medical assistance very soon.


  • Lizard

Lizard, creepy animals

There are more than 5600 species of lizards, ranging across all continents in the world, except Antarctica. The size of an adult lizard can reach up to 3 meters. An extinct species of lizards as aquatic mosasaurs were obliged even to 17 meters, and as big monitor Megalania length of up to 7 meters. Most species of lizards are harmless to humans, but currently the largest type of lizard Komodo dragon which reaches a length up to 3.3 meters and weighing up to even 166 kg. is known for hiding and occasionally attacking and even killing people.


  • Scorpion

Scorpion, creepy animalsScorpions are relatives of spiders: they have four pairs of legs that serve to move a pair of a strong pip like pliers that serve to capture their victim. Have thin and long tail that ends with intensive stiletto, and this is connected with a poison gland secretion. Its venom is able to kill or paralyze their victim. They are extremely attacking at night, the day they hide under rocks, roots or in dark areas of buildings. Scorpion sting can cause death in humans within one hour.


  • Frog

Frog, creepy animals

Most frogs are diverse and largely belong to the group of carnivores with short body. The structure of their feet and hands up from the environment in which they live, whether in the water, land, trees or in burrows. They are adapted to move quickly in their environment, to catch prey or escape from a predator. Skin of frogs can absorb water and to regulate body temperature. It’s secretion skin is often sticky and helps to keep the skin moist, makes it slippery which gives more chance to escape from predators.


  • Bat

Bat, creepy animals

Did you know that the bat is the only mammal that flies? The female gives birth to live young and feeds them with her milk. While still small mother brings with it even when they go hunting. There are more than 2000 species of bats, which some of them spread their wings to only 15 cm, and some up to two meters. Bat’s feet aren’t made for walking, but for hanging upside down from that position is easily thrown in the air. They are nocturnal animals are active only at night, and daytime sleep.


  • Squid

Squid, creepy animals

Long lithe body that ends with a triangular fin, short head with highly developed eyes and ten pipes. Squid has two longest pip which are used to catch the victim, and the remaining eight for transferring food to the oral orifice. There are many kinds of squid and is one of the largest invertebrates on our planet. Some samples were found on the north Atlantic, even up to 17 meters in length including the pipes.


  • Octopus

Octopus, creepy animals

Another water animals like jellyfish, but a bit little creepy to me, it is the Octopus. If you find yourself in the presence of it, it is better to move away. Octopus eats crabs and fish, with the help of his long pip similar to hands catches his victim and then eat’s it. On his back he has a channel in the form of a siphon which ejects water and with the help of its 8 long pip the octopus moves backwards very quickly.


  • Piranha

Piranha, creepy animals

Piranhas are normally about 14-26 centimeters long, and some species by up to 43 centimeters. They are found in the Amazon region, in rivers of Guianas in Paraguay and in the river systems of São Francisco. Piranha is known as a fierce predator that hunted victims in groups, it’s not that they can’t hunt alone, but it’s more about to protect themselves from their predators such as dolphins. They are basically like normal fish but with bigger teeth. Their lay their eggs in holes in the foil and swim around to protect them.


  • Jellyfish

Jellyfish, creepy animals

Seemingly jellyfish doesn’t seem so dangerous, but it can actually be a major threat to humans. If the medusa is quite small it doesn’t have to be dangerous to humans, but if it’s a large one it is quite another story. Medusa’s body is in the form of a plate on which are connected the pipes, she swims and collects food. Scientists say that there are jellyfish whose body is in the form of a plate with a diameter of 3.5 meters, and the pipes reach even length of over 30 meters.

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