Weirdest Deaths In Human History

Death is part of life. Many people are the afraid of death because just the thought that your existence will cease is really daunting. Throughout history people ever died, but some died in unconventional ways. Neither of us could imagine who are weirdest ways in which people ended their lives. These unusual deaths you are about to see below are considered to be the weirdest deaths in human history and will leave you breathless. Sooner or later life ends, so use it and enjoy every moment in life.

Weirdest Deaths Ever

  • Death caused by orange peel

Bobby Leach was not afraid of being faced with death, so it taunted all the time. In 1911 he was the second person who descended through the Niagara Falls in a barrel. He performed many similar points, so his death is a real irony. One day while walking through the streets of New Zealand, Leach slipped on an orange peel and broke his leg. The injury was so high that doctors had to immediately amputate his leg. Leach died later because of complications that occurred after this event.


  • Long beard

Austrian Hans Stajninger was known for having the longest beard in the world (about 1 long, 4 meters) and died because of it. One day in 1567 there was a fire in town and hurrying to get out he forget to collect his chin. He actually stepped on his own beard lost balance broke his neck and died!


  • Finger injury

Maybe you could learn from this story. Renowned manufacturer of Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniel one day got to work. That morning in 1911, he wanted to open his safe but he was unable to remember the combination. Angry, he hits the safe and with this has injured the thumb of his leg, which later developed into the infection that killed him. Have you learned anything from this?! The most important thing to remember this: Don’t go earlier to work!


  • Death caused by shawl

Mother of modern dance” Isadora Duncan died in 1927 because of her loved  shawl. As the New York Times noted in their record 15th September 1927, “The car drove at full speed when the scarf of silk which she wore were hung on the wheel and the unseen force had withdrawn behind the car. She pulled a few kilometers along the alley before the driver to hear her scream and stand up. “She was immediately given medical help, but it was established that she had been strangled and dead.


  • Stroke with stomach

Death caused by stroke with stomach

British professional wrestling Mal “King Kong” Kirk died under the big belly of Shirley “Big Daddy” Krabti. In August 1987, during the final moments of the match, Krabti has brought its distinctive grip “Blow the stomach” (jumps up and throws the man’s stomach) on Kirk, who suffered a heart attack and died.


  • Death caused by cactus

This is probably the only recorded data for the revenge murder of plant. In 1987, 27 – year-old David Grandmen and his roommate decided to make a little “drilling of cacti” shooting the desert plant with a shotgun. He first shot in smaller cactus, which passed without any damage, so Grandmen was encouraged to shoot at 7 meters high Saguaro cactus, which was probably about 100 years old. Unfortunately, Grandmen removed huge piece of cactus that has stuck at him and so lost his life.


  • To grab the glare of the moon

Chinese poet Li Po (701-706) was one of the two greatest poets in China’s literary history. He is known for often like to drink and his greatest poems were written while he was drunk. One night, Li Po fell from his boat and drowned in the river Yang Tze trying to grab the reflection of the moon in water.

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