Want To Exercise Longer? Beets And A Juicer Is What You Need

Want to exercise longer without feeling like a wasted cloth? New surveys suggest adding beet juice to your diet. Obtained from a quality slow press juicer, beet juice can enhance oxygen delivery and reduce the heart work, so you can exercise longer without fatigue.

But, what makes the beet so special? – It is the nitrate. Surveys show that consuming beets will:

  • Reduce the amount of oxygen cost of your exercise
  • Give you a lot of energy for a long time
  • Enhance your sex life


By increasing the amount of energy extracted from the oxygen in your blood, you will increase your performance. Being able to do more work and to work out more with less oxygen is a dream for all those who are looking to move faster and do more. This means that you will also last longer while working because you will burn fewer energy thanks to the nitrate in beetroot juice.

How Does Beetroot Juice Work?

Beetroot juice is high in nitrate, which is a vasodilator who dilates the vascular system. When your blood vessels are wide open, you have increased blood flow throughout the body, which is extremely important for your health and performance.

How Beet Juice Improves Your Gym Performance?

The nitrates contained in beet juice makes it easier for the oxygen to get into your muscles, so you can easily breathe in and breathe out or also known as reducing oxygen cost. Sprinting, lifting weights and performing other high intensive activities are high oxygen cost exercises and when you are running out of breath, this means that the oxygen cost is high. And, the opposite, when you aren’t running out of breath, this means that your oxygen cost is low. That is why it is important for athletes to find a way to reduce their oxygen cost of an activity while maintaining higher performance. The better and most natural way to accomplish this is by consuming fresh beet juice right out of a slowly pressed juicer.

Raw Or Cooked?

There is no secret that cooking reduces a number of vitamins and minerals in vegetables, and that goes also for beet. The perfect method for consuming beet is in the form of a juicer, obtained from a quality slow press juicer. If you can’t stand its smell or taste, you can mix it with apple and carrots. It is the perfect combination that can be consumed as a drink or grinded and consumed as a late night salad.

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