Top 5 Safety Tips for Swing Sets

It is an undeniable fact that children from literally all age groups love swinging. Therefore, swing sets are an indispensable part of any playground. Also, swing sets are the most popular toys purchased by Australian parents. Investing in a swing set and installing it in your garden or backyard provides more important benefits for both, kids and parents. In brief, by having a swing set at home kids have the possibility to enjoy the fun of swinging in the comfort and convenience of their home, while parents save time on taking their kids to the playground.

If you are on the look for swings for sale, what you need to know is that buying swings is a task to which you need to dedicate much more attention than you do when buying other toys, because of the simple reason that the safety of your children depends on the quality and reliability of the swing sets. Here are the top five safety tips for swing sets that you need to stick to in order to make sure that the exciting play won’t turn into a dangerous safety threat.


Ensure Safe Ground

Ensuring the safety for your kids when using the swings starts with preparing a safe ground when building a swing set in your garden or backyard. Reports showed that the harder the surface under the swing set is the more serious the injuries (which are a result of falling to the ground) will be. Since such type of injuries are likely to occur, no matter how much attention you pay to the safety. Asphalt, concrete, turf and grass are not the safest ground options because they are not enough soft nor shock-absorbent. Instead, cover the surface under the swings with materials such as fine or medium gravel, sand, wood chips or engineered wood fiber.

Space the Set Properly

One of the most important things to take into consideration before choosing the most suitable set among the wide variety of swings for sale on the Australian market is the amount of space you have available in your outdoor garden. When it comes to placing the swing set you ought to make sure that there’s, at least, 30-40cm separation of the swings from the ground. Also, if you are mounting a set of two swings make it a point to leave minimum 60cm free space between them.

Close the “S” Hooks

Most of the manufacturers use the so-called “S” hooks for connecting the swing chain to the frame. Also, most of them leave the hooks open. What you need to do right after installing swing set is too close those hooks. In this way, you will reduce the risk of possible accidents and injuries.

Keep the Area Under the Swings Clear

A wide variety of items is likely to be found under the swing. To prevent certain accidents from happening, make sure that the area under the swing is clean from toys, scooters, balls and any other item that might endorse the safety of your kids.

Never Leave Your Kids Unattended on The Swings

Supervising your kids while on the swings is more than important for their safety, especially if they are under the age of six. If you can’t allow spending too much time on sitting in the garden and supervising the play of your kids, at least, you can do is to place the swings in a visible place, where you’ll be able to supervise the kids from the window.

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