Top 10 Reasons To Love Oscar Wilde and his Love Quotes

The love quotes, poems and greatness of Oscar Wilde have touched many hearts. If you’re still not convinced why you should love this literary legend, here are the top 10 reasons.

10. Immorality.

He was a deeply passionate person and love always prevailed in his world. Wilde was repressed by the society of his time for his sexuality. Trying to hide it, he even married Constance Lloyd, but love prevailed in the end.

9. Decadence.

Decadence, like immorality, is usually not viewed as a virtue. And Oscar Wilde pushed things to the limits with his love poems. He documented his sexual interactions with men and this led to the fall of his reputation, which would eventually lead to him going in prison.

8. Heart.

Wilde loved a man nicknamed “Bosie” who was Lord Alfred Douglas and he loved him deeply. Even when discovering that “Bosie” was fueled by self-interest and was a childish man, the heart of Oscar Wilde would still soften to the cruel man who once was his muse.

7. Influence

Wilde had an abundance of muses, not just “Bosie” one we can include is his eccentric mother. However, Wilde is the muse of many actors, directors and writers alike. Being a great influence is a part of what makes him great.

6. The Picture of Dorian Gray

Writing only one novel, Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” left quite the impression on his readers. When published, the novel outraged the critics for its approach to morality. However, in later years the novel is greatly accepted.

5. Plays

Wilde didn’t stop with just poetry and a novel, he also wrote plays, like “Salome”, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “An Ideal Husband” and “A Woman of No Importance”  which are greatly admired for their social critique. It’s a great benefit to read or attend some if not all of these plays.

4. Poetry

The most famous works of Oscar Wilde are his beautiful love poems. But, one stands out from the rest, “Requiescat” will touch anyone who has lost someone and devastates with its emotional honesty.

3. Style

Wilde had a sense of fashion and style and he was not hiding it. The role of aesthete is what Wilde had naturally, he believed and valued the superficial and the style. We can see his views on aesthetics and fashion in his treatise “The Philosophy of Dress”.

2. Wit

Maybe we should have put the genius wit of Oscar Wilde in the number one spot, but that place will go to another genius trait of his. You might have read some of his quotes before and they are the most beautiful gems. His quotes are still quoted today and they are a great reason to love him.

1. Bravery

Few are as brave as Wilde, he has gone through a lot and suffered a whole lot more in order to become who he really was. Oscar Wilde showed the world a lion’s courage when he faced the people who were oppressing him in court and out in the open. He gave the world a lot and his works immortalize him. This is a man you who you can’t resist loving.

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