The Most Expensive Cocktail In The World

There is nothing better than an expensive drink at the end of a long workday. And all of us know that there are some long nights when one drink turns into many and the bill is more than our daily allowance. But, if you order one of these cocktails you will probably spent your money provided for a month and maybe year! Once we gave you the best cocktail recipes but now, we are bringing you the most expensive cocktail drinks.  If you can’t afford them at least you can get some information like what’s the most expensive cocktail drink. It may sound you impossible but there are people from all over the world that would spend all their money and they are ready to starve the whole month just to have the pleasure of tasting the most expensive cocktail. See by yourself if those prices sound normal to you and don’t mind to tell us about you? Would you like a bottle of the most expensive drink no matter how big the price is?

The Most Expensive Drinks

  • Winston

This expensive Australian local claims to offer the most expensive cocktail in the world who is called Winston. In the Melbourne Club 23, a Winston will cost you more than $ 12,000. The main ingredient is a luxury drink cognac, dating from 1858. There’s no doubt that the taste is beautiful… just like the price.

  • Jewel of Pangaea

Technically, this drink is more expensive than the first one, but it seems that the makers of this cocktail cheat. The combination of fine champagne and cognac, and adorned with gold and diamonds cocktail that costs a modest $ 30,000 is more expensive because it can be used much better as a decoration than for it’s taste.

  • Win Casino

If you have not received 10 thousand dollars on a wheel in Casino Win and you need a way to spend that money  sooner, why don’t you go to the first bar and order Ono champagne cocktail? Given that it has Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac  in itself, one bottle of this cocktail would cost you not “many” just  90 thousand dollars.

  • Ritz cocktail

The name, Ritz hotel, you immediately associate with the high prices, right? Therefore you should not be surprised that the bar at the Ritz-Carlton in Paris has created a cocktail of about $ 1,500. The secret  ingredient is expensive champagne from the 19th century. If you have enough money why not, order yourself Ritz cocktail.

  • Cocktail of the rich people

One bottle of bourbon from Woodford Reserve will cost you around $ 40, depending on where you buy it. Because of that the company has offered special edition of this drink, which cost several hundred dollars. Not because of sugar, not because of menthol, no … but because of the ice! This drink has the ice itself removed from the Icelandic glacier, which cost about $ 10,000. So it’s on you to decide if the price is worth just to try the ice from the Icelandic glacier.


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