The Most Beautiful Islands In The World

We are sure that sometimes you just want to get away from everything and to runaway on a tropical island resort. And in that moment you realize that all you need is “just” one private island. For today we have chosen the best places for rest. Those most beautiful islands in the world are ideal places for “turning off” yourself from everything that bothers you. This exotic islands will charm you with the beautiful view, wonderful sandy beaches, sun, and the beautiful blue water. If you don’t have chance to visit them at least you can always “rest your eyes” with the wonderful photos and you can make fantasies – at least that’s free. Find your perfect little piece of paradise here on the Earth.

Exotic Islands

  • Vanuatu

This place is declared as the happiest country in the world. People here are constantly happy and are enjoying the everyday events, especially in the family. It’s located on the Pacific Ocean and is pretty far from the rest of the world. The inhabitants of this island is drinking a lot of coffee, which has an effect on the brain and may be one reason of people  being so happy here.

  • Hawaii

most beautiful islands

Ideal if you are looking for modern and comfort place but you still want to be on the island. If you want to live in a city, you can go to Honolulu, with the many city residents, who will provide whatever you like. The only difference is that you are on an island surrounded by beautiful beaches.

  • The Bahamas

If you are sick of crowded and dynamic day, the island in the Bahamas is ideal for you. None of the constructions on the island is no higher than two floors, so you can expect an extremely relaxed atmosphere. Water here is the most beautiful on the planet.

  •  Virgin Islands

Ideal to discover yourselves and find inner peace in the ancient coral reefs and untouched rainforests. You can edit the islands and had allowed the wind to guide you to the beaches with white sand.

  • Seychelles

most beautiful islands

It’s located on the African coast and have the most beautiful natural landscapes. You can choose between 115 islands with beaches  with soft, beautiful sand and crystal blue water. Here the weather is always warm and beautiful. Can you live in a city where all actions are carried out or to live a relaxed life on the islands not so far from it.

  • Tahiti

The famous island of Tahiti is located in French Polynesia. The capital of the island is Pape, and the highest point of Tahiti is the height of 2241 meters. For those who want to explore more parts of the island, we suggest visiting group of islands named Gambier. This group of islands is a bit distant from the main part of Tahiti. They will opt for rest of the island should be prepared to stay a little longer than planned, because the plane Eyre Tahiti comes the main island of Mangareva, only once a month.

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