The Best Apps For iPhone

If you own iPhone, I guess you are here to find out about the useful and best apps for iPhone.Tastes are different and each of them has their own aspirations, but when it comes to Apple ” free ” always has a special meaning. These are the best free iPhone apps .

Must Have iPhone Apps

  • Dropbox

If you tend to keep the data and things that you work on in Dropbox , then you must have a Dropbox app for iPhone that will allow you to manage your files through your favorite mobile device. The most useful feature is certainly the ability to share documents , which has many times saved the day.

  •  Twitter

Twitter without mobile version on any platform would not be worth mentioning, especially today when the smart phones are center of our world. Twitter is still on high place on the list of applications that you must have on your iPhone. It is the best way to share your thoughts with the world in 140 characters ( or less ) . If Obama and the Pope have it – then it must be necessary …

  •  Facebook Messenger

Communication applications on Facebook “all-in-one” that can send messages and chat with your friends .Everyone is on Facebook ! This social network has about 955 million active users, and even 57 percent of them use Facebook right from your mobile device. Facebook has a 67 -percent annual growth as active mobile users are concerned, and I ‘m one of them .

  •  Flashlight


Turn your iPhone into torches. An application that uses flash as a light – just turn it on and you’ve got quite a strong lamp that will help you to see in the dark. So far it has many times proved to be one of the most practical applications you will encounter .A perfect accessory when you need to find the lost keys in the dark .

  • Shazam

What a brilliant application ! That’s the way I discover  good music with the help of this app … Thanks to Shazam, you’ll learn the name of the song you are currently listening to. Just touch the app and after a hearing  it will give you the answer you’re looking for . All tracks are saved in one piece can be found on YouTube or record and buy. The only problem is that you will often in the midst of a movie reach for the iPhone to find out what song is playing .

  • YouTube

The number one destination for online video.Within easy reach are the fail compilations , old and new music hits, viral original videos , full episodes , movies, and its content of all kinds . Of course , this is the official YouTube application that will surely come in handy for registered users , who have already made megaliste of favorites.

  • Instagram

I believe that the story of this application for sharing photos is well known to you. In a short time it became a hit, used by millions, including myself, although I’m a little tired lately. But still a total photo sharing hit! I was closely related with Facebook , which bought Instagram .

  • Google Maps

After the fiasco that Apple has experienced with its maps , Google ( again) showed how to do it with your application Google Maps. The lucky ones who bought the iPhone 5 installed iOS6 welcomed the move and made ​​the best Google Maps application in 2012 for a week.

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