Superb Ways To Protect Your Hearing Without Any Risks

You know how harmful overly loud sounds can be; you can experience hearing loss after just a few times of exposing your ears to loud noises whether from concerts, loud music in earphones, or if you work with loud machines in areas like construction, forestry and similar. Especially if you work in areas where maximum comfort is needed for perfect manipulation with machines, you need a way to protect your hearing without the aid interfering you in your job. So, what superb ways to protect your hearing are on your disposal?

Here are a few ear plugs Australia retailers offer:

Expandable foam plugs

These are great sound isolators for your ears; made of formable material that allows the plugs to expand and conform to the person’s ear canal, filling it completely and isolating it from all sounds. These are great for many purposes, not just for protecting your hearing while you work. You can use them if you have trouble concentrating while studying in the library, or if you’re bothered by your partner’s snoring at night.

Pre-molded re-usable plugs

These can be found made from silicone, plastic or rubber and are basically ‘one size fits all’. They can be found in various sizes as well, depending on the size of the ear: small, medium and large. The problem with pre-molded plugs though, is that some people may have trouble finding a pair that will fit both their ears in size. Meaning, one ear may need one size and the other may need another size. So, after a lot of trial and error of various sizes, you will find the pair that fits you best. The advantage of these plugs is that they’re reusable, washable and very convenient to carry.

Canal caps

Another type of ear plugs Australia retailers offer are canal caps, which often resemble earplugs attached on a flexible metal or plastic band. Canal caps can be worn over the head with headbands, behind the neck and under the chin. Their main advantage is the high convenience they offer. They’re always at your reach: when you don’t need them, you simply leave them hanging on your neck, and when loud sounds start, you put them on your ears.


No ear plugs Australia offer can go by without the famous earmuffs. They come in various designs and models and are mainly made to fit all ear sizes. The great thing about earmuffs is that they cover the entire ear and effectively block all sounds. They can be simple small cups or larger ones made to be used in blocking extreme noises. Earmuffs may not be the greatest choice for people with glasses or long and massive beards, since the hair and the temples of the glasses brake the seal the cushions of the earmuffs create around the ear. For these people, ear plugs are the best choice.

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