Steps and Precautions to Follow Before Install Car Window Tinting

Window tinting is a process wherein a transparent, thin sheet of film will be applied to the window of the vehicle in order to reduce the heat and radiation from the sun. but you must clean the surface of your window with liquid soap, detergent or with mild cleaning agents, before you prepare your car for the window tinting process. Moreover, just after the tinting is done, you should not take your car in the open sun, so that the tinting lasts for long.

  • The thickness of the film can range from .001 to .004 inches. It is made out of various adhesives that protect your car in many ways. It is very much beneficial if you decrease the amount of heat and UV (Ultraviolet) that enters the vehicle.
  • It adds life to the car’s interior and also prevents the wear and tear of the fabrics. In addition to this, if you reduce the heat which enters the vehicle, the air conditioner of your vehicle will work better.
  • It won’t take much time to cool the car, and for this reason, you can switch off your car’s air conditioner for a longer time, which saves your battery. Window tinting also gives you a sense of privacy and security to passengers and drivers.
  • However, you need to check the rule prevailing in the particular region as some states might have ordinances which regulate how dark your car tinting can be.

Before the tinting is done for your vehicle, it is recommended to wash the vehicle prior to 2-3 days before the appointment. Also, the car should be vacuumed before 5 days.

Taking care of the tinting:


Once the tinting is done, it is always advised to leave the windows of the vehicle up for 2 days (48 hours). This will give enough time for the film to stick to the glass. It won’t get peeled off once the window glass is rolled down. In the initial few days after the tinting is done, the windows may seem hazy, cloudy and you will also notice few water pockets getting formed in the tint. It is not possible to clear away all the water from between the glass and the film. The time it takes to get dried up completely depends upon the weather outside. It might take longer time if it is cloudy, whereas it will get dried up very quickly if it’s hot and sunny outside.


After the window tinting is done, you have to patiently wait for 2 days before you clean it. Before it gets dried up, there might be a risk of pulling the window tint loose. The windows will be lightly wiped just after your car had been tinted, but it will require proper cleaning later on. For the tinting to last long, you must maintain it without any extra pressure on it, and instead of using any chemical agents you can simply clean the tints with a moist cloth to keep them fresh and long-lasting.

If the seat belt hits the window glass when you release it, small chips will be formed. This will not be covered under the warranty. In order to avoid such situations window film care advices, you to gently the release the seat belt. Small metal rubs or silvery looking spots can be found in some vehicles. These spots are formed if any metallic object like handle of the baby stroller gets rubbed against the window pane. These metal spots are not noticeable usually, but when the glass gets tinted, these spots could be seen very clearly.

Above mentioned are the various points which help you to take best care of window tinting.

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