Signs That You Need Air Compressor Repair

Air compressors are used in so many industries and for many different things. They are used both in a commercial and residential situation so it’s important to know a great air compressor repair guy. When an air compressor starts to go bad it’s hard to know exactly what is causing it unless you know how to restart any of the most common problems. Whether you are someone who uses air compressors regularly or only time to time then there are a few problems that you should be aware of, knowing the signs will let you know whether you need to replace any parts or not.


If your air compressor starts showing signs of high suction than this could indicate that it needs to be repaired. If your air compressor starts producing at a decreased capacity this may also be a sign that your evaporator is too big for your compressor. If you think that this may be the problem with your air compressor then you should call someone for air compressor repair to have your air compressor serviced. This way you can be sure in what the best course of action is to take.

If the flow is reduced it can lead to low head pressure which is not a good thing. When this does occur the air compressor will start to function at a lower capacity than what it’s performance ratings specify. What this means put in simple terms is that the condenser is too big and will eventually lead to decreased pressure in the head. If you think that this may be your problem then you should consider looking into replacing any older parts that you may have, sometimes an upgrade will do just the trick.

If your air compressor is forced to pump at a lower capacity because of some other issue then the refrigerant will eventually get back up into the condenser unit. This can eventually lead to high condenser subcooling which you should take care of as soon as possible. Another thing that can happen when your compressor is not pumping to its abilities is that the valves can go bad. This can also lead to amp draw which can become a frustrating problem. Having an amp draw means the compressor functioning at a much lower capacity than what its rating specifies.

If you start to notice any of the problems that we have listed above it might be time to consider air compressor repair. Replacing some of the compressor or valve parts could be the thing your air compressor needs to run like new again. Many compressor part manufacturers supply a variety of different parts that are sure to get your air compressor back to running in top shape.

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