Points to Consider While Choosing Audi Service

Like everything, an Audi also needs to be serviced from time to time to be in good shape. With the help of some of the best technicians in the world, Audi has been providing regular and top of the line service that a car deserves. Audi service centers are known to take good care of your car when it is being serviced.

The Timing of Audi Service:

The first question that almost any Audi owner asks is what the right time to service their cars is. The timing of servicing solely depends on how you use your Audi. A more extensive use will call for frequent services.

The type of Audi service:

When it comes to Audi, you should know that there are two particular types of servicing that the company offers to its customer.

  • Flexible Servicing Schedule, and
  • Fixed Servicing Schedule.

In order to understand these schedules, let us take a closer look at them individually, before deciding which one meets the requirement of your Audi.

Flexible Servicing Schedule:

If you tend to drive your Audi for long distances, then it is recommended that you opt for this type of servicing schedule. Flexible servicing schedule is perfect for cars which usually clock over 10,000 miles per year. Here, you need to very careful with the oil change required by the car. Given this service follows a variable schedule, the oil here needs to be changed every 19000 miles per 2 years at the most. Moreover, when it comes to inspection of the car then it is fixed at a mileage of 19000 miles every 2 years.

Fixed Servicing Schedule:

If the primary use of your Audi car is to roam around the city and visit the countryside once in a while, then the fixed servicing schedule is what you should choose. As per experts at Audi, if your car usually runs for less than 10,000 miles a year then this schedule is more than enough to keep it in the best shape. The servicing here is done every year, which means your car is in constant check which is something that reassures you about the health of your car. Here, you need to do the oil change every 9000 miles per year, to keep the car running at all times. And as far the inspection of the car is concerned, here the benchmark is set at 19000 miles per 2 years.

Special situation requiring a Fixed Audi Service Schedule:

Although you have two servicing schedules at your disposal but there are certain situations when you have to opt for the Fixed Servicing Schedule.

  • If you are known to take your car uphill and downhill, then you need to choose this particular schedule irrespective of the total miles travelled by the car. This routine of putting the car in tough situations is often described as high engine loading. Audis used for this purpose need fixed servicing schedule to stay in the best shape.
  • As mentioned earlier, driving style plays an integral part in choosing which servicing schedule to adopt for your Audi. Therefore, if you are the one who likes to rev up your Audi a little too much or has a habit on accelerating the car all the time then you have to follow the fixed servicing schedule to keep your car protected. All these are the different types of Audi service.


Protecting servicing records:

There is no doubt that Audi cars are known for their advanced technology, but with the introduction of Digital Service schedule, now even your servicing record is secured with the best technology at your disposal. Starting from accessing the records of past servicing to protecting such records from being lost or forged to keeping your warranty intact with service of work, Audi didn’t leave any stone unturned to make your servicing experience one of a kind.

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