Most Popular Facebook Games

Our everyday tasks are exhausting us and a large part of the day we are busy with work, then normally we all have moments of free time where we try maximum to use it and to relax a little bit. There are many ways to relax after work, and one of those ways is made by the biggest social network. We’re talking about Facebook and its popular facebook games. Millions of Internet users have a Facebook account, so I hope that you also have on, and even if you don’t have it is very easy to create a profile, and it will take you just a few minutes.

There you will find list of facebook games which are played by millions of users, so surely there will be some according to your taste that you will like it. To avoid wandering through the network of many games, we created a list of the best facebook games. Here’s what it looks like the list of most popular facebook games. All of these games you can easily learn how to play and you can enjoy them, but be careful and don’t let them become your obsession…. :)

Fun Facebook Games To Play In 2013

  • Criminal Case

Criminal Case, popular facebook games

A simple game where on your screen is presented the crime scene, and your task as detective is to find hidden parts and then analyze them to solve the task. The publisher of this game is (Pretty Simple) and has more than 10 million people who play this game.


  • Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers, popular facebook games

An endless world where you should run as far as possible, meanwhile you have to be careful of the numerous obstacles that can stop you. Players need to jump constantly, Cleese, and maneuvers of other trains that go in your direction. The publisher of this game is (Kiloo Games) and more than 11 million people play this game.


  • Farmville 2

The second version of FarmVille. An interesting 3D game with lots of cute animals who are in search of food. With the help of your friends you should make sure your farm come to life. Publisher (Zynga Inc.) and has more than 10 million people who play this game.


  • CityVile

Be the owner of the city, work hard and turn your city into a metropolis. You can visit another city and work in it to earn more points which will boost your reputation. The publisher of this game is (Zynga) and more than 60 million people play this game.


  • Angry Birds Friends

Already well known to you that this game was a hit on all android handsets. Old story with more ability to fight the against greedy pigs who stole the birds’ eggs. Each Level requires more skill and capability to finish. The publisher of this game is (Rovio Entertainment) and has more than 5 million people who play this game.


  • Dragon City

World with a magical island where you as a player have your own dragon and you can fight against your friends with their dragons. Before that you have to grow well the egg because you never know what will come out. More than 10 million people play this game on facebook.


  • Pet Rescue Saga

This game features more than 50 of levels to play. Players must solve puzzles and safely remove blocks to rescue pets. The publisher of this game is (, and it’s been played by more than 10 million people.


  • Candy Crush Saga

You as a player are limited to moves that you can use and you should do at least three of sweets to match. This game has 15 levels. Publisher ( and has more than 10 million active people who play this game.


  • Clash Of The Clans

Make and lead your clan to victory. Amazing strategy game where you should make the goblins back from where they came. More than one million people enjoy playing this game.


  • Bike Race

Drive as fast as possible, jump to win your Facebook friends. Amazing game that will make you enjoy a real adventure. More than 1 million people play this game.

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