Most Famous Haunted Places Around The World

No matter whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are few places or let’s say haunted houses in the world where you would not spend even one night. These haunted places definitely deserve the reputation they have as gruesome, tragic or mysterious. CASNDHBPKXPU

Most Haunted Places In The World

  • Aokigahara Forest

This forest is located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan and simply said is full of dead bodies. Such as Niagara Falls that are well known for countless weddings, so this forest is known for countless committed suicides.

Since 1950 until today, more than 500 people took their life. This “trend” started when the writer Seicho Matsumoto published the novel “Black Sea of Trees” where two of the characters in the novel commit suicide right in this forest.

Consequently eager to prove that they are bizarrely susceptible to suggestion hundred Japanese hung themselves on countless trees at incredibly dense forest where the middle of the afternoon you can find places that are completely in the dark.

Besides bodies this area abounds with motivating billboards and signs as: Life is precious! Think again! Think of your family!


  • Overtoun Bridge

Located near the charming village of Milton in Scotland this bridge anyway is not attractive destination for suicidal people, but …

The reasons are still unclear why hundreds of dogs commit suicide throwing them self from a bridge.

These suicides began in the early 60’s and to date over 600 dogs committed suicide. The witnesses claim that it`s not about accidents but that dogs deliberately,  of their willingness jump from the bridge, there is even a case where the dog fails the first time suicide (remains live after the fall) and returns to the bridge and jump!


  • The Mysterious Winchester House

The mysterious Winchester House, haunted places

Located in San Jose. There are 160 rooms designed like a maze with incredibly long hallways, secret passages, blind alleys, doors that go nowhere and stairs to the attic. It is made by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the fortune Winchester. At late 19th century deeply grieved by the death of her husband and daughter she visited a psychic man in Boston who says that she has been haunted by all victims who perished in the gun attacks of Winchester and the only way to be at peace with them is to continuously build and upgrade a house.

In 1884 construction began on the house in San Jose that never stopped in the next 38 years when Sarah died. Scale and size of the house are such that a person who never was there, would lost for sure, and that it was the intention-to confuse the spirits so they could lost themselves.

In the house are prevailing details as “spider web” and number 13.


  • The “House of Bones” in Sedlec

Even after in a 13th century somebody splashed dust of Holy Land on soil of cemeteries in Sedlec (Czech Republic), people from all over Europe were looking after their death to be buried there. Cemeteries grew until 1870, when the priests decided somehow to ensure for countless bones and make some space for new bodies.

Today the “House of Bones” in Sedlec is a chapel decorated with thousands of human bones.


  • San Zhi Resort

What do you get when you combine the abandoned buildings of the competent bodies in UFO futuristic design with a series of mysterious deaths kept in secret by the government?

The result is a resort located in San Zhi outside of Taipei. This facility should be an exclusive destination for wealthy people who do not know how smarter to spend their money.

Construction began in 80’s but was interrupted by mysterious accidents that occurred during construction.


  • Prypiat

Prypiat is located in the northern Ukraine and once was inhabited by workers and scientists of the nuclear Chernobil. This city founded in 70’s “gathering” 50 000 people, but in 1986 was noted certain dysfunction of Chernobil reactor for safety reasons and was evacuated the city. Since than this town is completely deserted. In fact that radiation is reduced over the years the city is now open to the public.

One of the creepiest  buildings in the city’s children’s hospital, which is filled with children’s shoes, ghosts and of course children’s dolls …

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