Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

For sure you already have made the plans about your summer vacation, where and with whom you are going to spend it. All of us are looking for a nice quiet place to relax on a beautiful beach. But for the many so called beautiful and perfect beaches, you should know that there are some dangerous beaches where you wouldn’t like to find yourself on. In fact many dangerous beaches in the world each in their own way is considered for danger beach, whether  for the attacks of sharks, poisonous jellyfish or local violent thieves. Look below and you will make sure that this summer you aren’t going to spend your summer vacation on one of the most dangerous beaches in the world.

World’s Most Dangerous Beaches

  • Fraser Island, Australia

Seas that surround Fraser Island in southeast Queensland, are considered as a dangerous zone. The water around Fraser Island is abundant with sharks and jellyfish and the marine currents here are one of the most dangerous. But the island, itself is pretty dangerous too. On this island live one of the deadliest species of spiders, unusual types of sea crocodiles, dingo as well, famous for occasionally attacking people.


  • Gansbaai South Africa

This part of the world is one big white territory.The channel located in Gansbaai, near Dyer Island, is the home of the great white shark and the colony of about 60,000 fur seals. Although the great white shark is very dangerous, it remains the biggest draw in Gansbaai and attracts thousands of tourists annually.


  • Hanakapiai, Hawaii

The shores of Hanakapiai are surrounded by strong sea currents and waves that are dangerous even for the most experienced swimmers.This affirms the sign located on the beach that says that 83 people drowned in the waters of this beach. According to the sign,the mystery of their drowning is that the victims had been drawn to the sea while they enjoyed in shallow water.


  • The beach of good trip, Brazil

This popular sandy beach in Brazil attracts many tourists throughout the year. Until 1992, the beach of good trip was one of the safest beaches because there was no danger of sharks. But since 1992  there were recorded at least 50 attacks of sharks from which 19 were fatal. Besides sharks, this beach is very dangerous because of the destruction of coastal ecosystems and violent crime.


  • Northern Queensland, Australia

Every year from October to April, the beaches in northern Queensland in Australia are banned for tourists because of jellyfish. In fact, jellyfish are responsible for at least 70 deaths from 1883 on wards. Jellyfish stings can be real agony because victims often experience a heart attack before reaching the coast.


  • Bikini Island, U.S. Marshall Islands

Bikini Island, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is dangerous for two reasons. First,on this island are made more than 20 tests of nuclear bombs between 1946 and 1958. Although in 1997 the island was declared “clean” and no traces of nuclear radiation, residents still refused to return there. On the other hand, tourists are advised not to eat local food because of nuclear radiation. The second reason why the island of Bikini is dangerous, is the lack of fishing in the last 65 years, and because of it, the number of sharks that keep attacking is increased.


  • Kilauea, Hawaii

The black sand beach in Hawaii Kilauea is located next to one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The volcano on the island of Kauai was erupting continuously since 1983, spewing hot lava into the cold ocean. Apart from volcanic eruptions on the beach observed 102 shark attacks, of which 8 were fatal.


  • Amazon beaches, Brazil

If you plan to travel along the Amazon River, it is better to move by road, through dense forests. Avoid the boating in the river because the thus water splits up with numerous piranhas, anacondas and electric eels.

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