Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Sometimes the difference between ruffles cute animals getting critical and destructive creatures is not easy to recognize. In fact, many of the animals in the world that seemingly look beautiful are illustrious murderers. Think balloon fish is beautiful? Keep that in mind as you pass on the list of most dangerous animals where this fish is one of the most dangerous animal on Earth.

World’s Most Dangerous Animals

  • Armor snail

There are many different types of predatory sea snails, they have different names, and have the armor shell or shells. These snails are certainly poisonous. Live snails can be hold in hand but they can hurt you and burn you in unwanted consequences. Species such as this are very dangerous to humans, especially the large ones because most  of them are attached to the body of a fish. Other species hunt and eat marine worms. This snails are hypothermic and can paralyze prey and attack. Typically the teeth are sharp as a sword.

  • Stonefish

This fish is poisonous, dangerous, even fatal to humans. This is the most venomous fish, now known to the world. Found in coast regions of Indo-Pacific region. This name derives from its ability to camouflage in the appearance of the surrounding nature and sand stones. Swimmers certainly won’t be able to recognize it, because it is almost insignificant, so that the danger of depressing is very believable. When is upset, the stone fish is throwing the fish poison.

  • Balloon Fish

This is generally the most poisonous vertebrates in the world, after the golden poison frog. Some organs of the fish and even the skin are highly toxic to eat. Nevertheless, some of the parts of this fish is used for food and are considered a delicacy in Japan, Korea and China where are prepared by the main masters who know which part is harmless and in what quantity. This fish can cause paralysis, braking jaw, thickening of the tongue and cause nausea and vomiting, accompanied by tingling effects on the body, rapid heart rate, lower blood pressure, and muscle paralysis. Toxic compounds can paralyze the diaphragm if it’s inhaled. People that could survive for 24 hours, practically have recovered. A coma can last up to 7 days.

  • Blue ringed octopus

They are recognized as one of the most venomous coastal animals. Besides their size,they are dangerous to humans. We recognize the characteristic blue – black and yellow rings. This octopus is a long 12 – to 20 cm. but poisonous enough to kill a person. It causes motor paralysis, respiratory absence, lack of oxygen and cardiac disturbances. Toxins produced by the bacteria that live in the glands of octopus that secrete saliva.

  • Mosquito

Although some species are harmless, there are some types that are toxic, infectious. While feeding with blood, they can transmit various life-threatening diseases. Some experts argue that the mosquitos are the most dangerous animal on the planet.

  • Poison dart frog

These animals have different, even bright color. All of these species are more or less toxic. Some species are dangerous. They are called toxic because the touch can release toxins. However, of 175 species, only three species are documented as dangerous. It is characterized by a specific color and shiny fluorescent  shade.This is a dangerous kind that can kill 20 people.

  • Jellyfish

This is the kind characterized by specific potential poison. Tentacles of the jellyfish can be painful and fatal to humans. When you reach the skin toxin discharged,  they are causing strong pain.

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