Maintenance Tips from Roller Guide Manufacturers

Roller guides find use in plenty of applications. Basically, they are rollers that are used to guide something in a particular direction. This could be as simple as a door, or as complex as the cable of a crane. Some common uses of roller guides include those in door closing mechanisms to ensure that doors open and close in a straight line, in winching applications to get your vehicle out of mud, elevators, and of course, fishing.

Like every other kind of hardware out there, proper maintenance of roller guides is important for optimal performance. The need becomes even more critical in dangerous applications like crane cables. Here are some common tips shared by roller guide manufacturers for easy maintenance of roller guides.

  • Clean them with Fresh Water

    In case of roller guides used in fishing, make sure you wash them with fresh water after every use. Simple flushing them with fresh water will get rid of salt residue from sea water, ensuring a smooth rolling mechanism.

  • Avoid Spray Lubricants

    Lubrication is important for optimal functioning of roller guides. However, roller guide manufacturers advise against the use of spray lubricants. Spray lubricants that form a coating on rollers, which can eventually hinder their performance. Instead, use of some sort of waterproof grease is recommended for lubrication. Even with a waterproof grease, it should be done sparingly, and only on the exterior bearings of roller guides.

    • Disassemble and Clean

      While the above two tips hold for regular maintenance of roller guides, roller guide manufacturers suggest that they should be thoroughly cleaned every year or two, depending on the use. Thorough cleaning involves disassembling them completely. While disassembling rollers, make sure you account for every screw that you take out. Clean the insides and outsides thoroughly. Avoid use of oil for lubrication though, as advised before. Instead, use waterproof grease to lubricate different parts of roller guides.

    • For cleaning the internal parts of the roller guide, use a paper towel and a thinner. Once the cleaning is done, carefully put the guide back together. Tighten it comprehensively, and check the rolling mechanism. If you need to loosen the screws in order to get the guide rolling, chances are it is broken. Get it checked by a professional, and replace it if necessary.

    How to Find Good Roller Guides

    While roller guides are special equipments, there are still plenty of roller guide manufacturers to choose from. Here are some tips that will help you separate the good from the bad.

    • 1. Buy from an experienced manufacturer: There are brands of roller guides too. They have become brands on the back of consistent product and quality. When buying branded goods, you can be rest assured of the quality and after-sales service. Buy from a roller guide manufacturer that has been dealing in the kind of roller guides you want for a substantial number of years.
    • 2. Check if lesser-known brands are subsidiaries: Sometimes, big brands can launch an economical range under a different brand name. This could be done for tax saving purposes, or simply to protect brand value. If you see an economical range in the market that seems good enough, check if it is a subsidiary of a known brand. If it is, it could be worth a buy.
    • 3. Don’t go solely by what the shop owner tells you: Retailers will try to push you for the brand that gets them the highest commission. Don’t rely solely on them. Do your own research and buy from a roller guide manufacturer that you think is worth the money.

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