Interesting And Unusual Facts About Dogs

Dogs and humans live together more than 15,000 years, and perhaps you think you know very well . But there are many things associated with them that are not so famous … look at this short list of interesting and unusual facts about dogs – man’s best friend that you know a little better with dogs.

Interesting Facts About Dogs

  • Dogs can smell certain human diseases

If you have cancer , diabetes and epilepsy , your dog will know first . Studies have shown that dogs that are trained to detect different cancers that fail smelt the abnormal cells in the human body . Also they are very helpful when you need to warn about a low / high blood sugar . As for epilepsy – they fail to detect up to 45 minutes before its start.

  • But they may become sick as well of our diseases

We are not very different from them in case of illness . An estimated 6 million dogs per year are diagnosed with cancer . Also they can get muscle disease , which makes it impossible to move.

  • Calm dogs live longer

A study in 2010 showed that aggressive dogs actively living their lives , lived shorter than those who are calm and obedient .

  • Dogs have intelligence as 2 – year-old child

Certain breeds like Border cars , poodle , German shepherd , golden retriever and Doberman fastest and best understood  and learn new things and tricks .

  • Dogs know how to be envious

They know perfectly good when they are treated in an equal manner with another dog or person . A study in 2008 found that dogs that are less noticed rewarded for a trick that they do better than other dogs , they get mad and begin to steer their way. Also they stop doing the trick as well as they used to …

  • Dogs don’t feel guilty

Renowned dog with sad look and wide open eyes once you punish them , does not mean that they repent for having committed a bad deed – that way they only react to your words . One study showed that if you wrongfully accuse them , they have much more “guilty” look, which means that it is simply their way of carefully listening..

  • The positive effects of keeping a dog

In the past , the dogs had the role of spiritual leaders . Today they are mostly seen as pets . But there are countless reasons why it is good to keep a dog . They can help you with all kinds of psychological problems , to reduce stress and even help you find new friend.


  • Negative consequences of keeping a dog

We’ve all heard that a dog’s mouth is cleaner of our (not exactly true ) , but they can be carriers of some pathogens that are very harmful to humans. Rabies is a disease most famous of its kind . Also dog food can be a carrier of salmonella bacteria . But one of the most terrifying parasite is “Toxocara canis” which you contract through the usual stroking the dog. This parasite if placed behind the eyes over time can cause blindness . Yet, with regular visits to the vet you can avoid all these bad situations .

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