Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Tropical oils, unlike other vegetable oils are high saturated in fatty acids. Cooking with tropical oils such as coconut is the healthiest option. It contains 50 percent lauric acid, which is rarely found in nature. The body converts this acid in monolauric, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil is used in food, in cosmetics, to improve health, as in many other everyday uses. In addition, read about it all health benefits of coconut oil and it’s other uses.

Uses Of Coconut Oil

– Eat a spoon when you need to increase energy levels.

– Coconut oil is used as part of recipes for preparing the body peels.

– Coconut oil will keep your chopping boards for the kitchen.

– Use it as a conditioner for hair (apply to dry hair, leave as much as possible and then wash your hair with shampoo).

– Use it as a preparation for styling dry hair. Take a little of the oil and style with hands your hair in the desired way.

– Use it as a moisturizer for lips. Put in a small box of ointment of Grape and always carry this in your  handbag.

– Coconut fat is good for animals. Add one tablespoon in the food for your dog or cat.

– Replace unhealthy oil with coconut oil in cooking and preparing baked goods.

– The coconut oil can make a great and healthy toppings for ice cream.

– Put a small amount under the armpits and use it as a natural deodorant.

– Use as a substitute for shaving cream.

– Put coconut oil filled tub and use it to maintain skin moisture (add a few drops of oil of peppermint).

– Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup.

– Also you can use it to soothe chicken pox, shingles or other rashes and skin irritations.

  • Infections

– It’s useful for fungal infections of the feet.

– Consume one tablespoon of it with vitamins for their better absorption.

– For faster healing of cuts and burns.

– Eat at 5 tablespoons a day to improve the function of the thyroid gland.

– You can use it in addition to smoody for better taste and better nutrition (1 tablespoon).

– Apply it on the eye to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and hooded.

  • Perfect oil for massage.

– Apply it on the rash on your baby use diapers or its head to treat the skin.

– To prevent and reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

– Mothers who are breastfeeding may have rubbed the nipples to prevent cracking of the skin and irritation.

– Also, nursing mothers,  with eating coconut oil can increase the flow of milk.

– To soothe and heal bee stings or other insects

– With a spoon in addition to meals to improve digestion.

– Helps to soothe and treat hemorrhoids.

– Eat coconut oil to reduce or eliminate migraine.

– Along with peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary or tea tree oil is a great exorcist  for insects.

– Mix it with soda and use it as a non-toxic cleaning appliances in the kitchen.

– Use for polishing metal surfaces, but always first test it on a small part.

– As a moisturizer items and leather garments.

– The coconut oil will keep your metal pans.

– To remove tangled gum from hair.

– It also has use against corrosion.

– You can take a spoon when you have acid reflux.

– As a natural product for protection from the sun (in combination with other ingredients).

– Combined with lemon juice can be used for polishing furniture (always test first on smaller areas).

– Helps with the healing of cracked or rough toe.

– Massage your nails and cuticles to strengthen.

– With a few tablespoons a day, every day, you can improve the overall immune system.

– Apply on the inside of the nose in case of a leak, allergies and swelling.

– As a lubricant for the strings of the guitar.

– For massage tired or swollen muscles (preferably combined with essential oil).

– To clean the brush of your mascara.

– To strengthen the eyelashes.

– For treating acne and pimples.

– Use on toast instead of butter (preferably in combination with cinnamon).

– Studies show that can help treat dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

– To prevent the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women.

– Put it on the new tattoos to accelerate the recovery of the skin.

– Mix it with baking soda and use it as a facial scrub.

– Use of hair sitting room combined with egg yolks and honey.

– Apply on a cloth and clean the dirty showers. Once you spend with coconut oil and apply white vinegar eventually pass with a dry cloth.

– Stir in garlic and keep it by special ingredient in cooking.

– The blisters and birthmarks.

– Mix it with a mixer to make frothy cream hydrates the skin, which you can use all year.

– Stir in nutmeg and apply it on the spots (leave 10-15 minutes and then wash).

– Use it to relieve burns, but only after it cools, not immediately when you get burned. Otherwise the oil will keep the heat in the skin.

– To reduce eczema and psoriasis.

– Massage the skin of your dog as a measure against dandruff.

– Add in the diet of the dog (1 tablespoon) to help in the treatment of arthritis or other problems with joints and ligaments, as well as problems with digestion and weight.

– Nontoxic treatment against fleas.

– To mitigate the damaged parts of the skin of your dog.

– Take a teaspoon before meals to control appetite.

– Helps treat candidates.

– Helps to treat infections of the bladder and relieve symptoms.

  • Helps to smooth wrinkles and pore narrowing.

– Helps with fungal infections (internal and external).

– For cleaning brushes and hands after painting with oil paints.

– Use for sore throat (put it in your mouth, let it melt slowly and swallow).

– If you are waxing at home, you can use it to remove excess wax from the skin.

– It’s  recommended for patients who suffer from lack of attention or hyperactivity.

– Can be used for preparing soups home.

– To clean the inside of your car (put a cloth and wax).

– Apply  few drops at the first signs of ear infection.

– Use it in the kitchen to coat scissors before cutting foods that are sticky (eg dates, delight, marshmallow).

– For better effect in treating hemorrhoids, combine it with a drop of lavender oil.

– For women who are expecting a baby, we recommend coating the perineum starting from 7 or 8 months.

– Stir in oats and cinnamon and use it as a face scrub.

– With coconut oil you can clean the inside of your dog’s ears.

– There are cases of treatment of barley eyelid using coconut oil.

– Helps with vaginal dryness during menopause (recommended by Dr. Oz)..

– Remove the chewing gum that’s stuck to your shoe or carpet with coconut oil.

– When used in cats, it is evident that act against creating balls of hair.

– Feed the dog with the coconut oil to improve his breathing.

– It can be used to relieve conjunctivitis.

– It is used instead of soybean oil for frying.

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