Good Comebacks to Make the Best Crafted Insults Backfire

Have you ever been hit by the spotlight of laughter, embarrassed and defenseless, not knowing how to respond to the insult? Did you just looked down, took a deep breath and let the “Joker” get away with their mean insults towards you? I don’t want to know how long have you been living without a database of good comebacks, but this article is bound to help you build one or enrich your aged collection of insults and comebacks, so you’ll be well-prepared to make the next insult-attempt of a troll or a joker back fire in a grandiose way.

People are mean, we all know that, and they like to make jokes at someone else’s expense. We’ve all been insulted and didn’t respond properly with equally mean comebacks as we should’ve. But you can always change the way you respond to their mean, witty and good insults. The recipe to coming up with good comebacks for jerks or good comebacks for shut up is to feed your brain with all kinds of funny comebacks. When you’re being insulted, your brain activates the self-defense system and tries to access its part where the best comebacks you know are hidden. At the beginning, the process seems too long, but over time, it gets quicker and quicker.

Behold, victims of trollers and jokers, it’s time to have your revenge! They may have done it once or twice before, but not anymore. Thanks to blog happens here’s a list of good comebacks to turn the tables and spare yourselves from being laughed at ever again.

  • If laughter is indeed the best medicine, you should travel around the world and cure people.
  • Why are you rolling your eyes? Are you looking for your brain somewhere back there?
  • If you keep talking, I’ll add a new reason on my reasons-to-kill-myself list.
  • Excuse me, I’m busy right now, can I pretend listening to you some other time?
  • Copernicus called and said that you’re not the center of the universe.
  • Can you hear that? It’s the sound of NO ONE CARING!
  • Don’t let my yawning stop you talking. I only do that when I’m intrigued.
  • Were you born this dumb or you took lessons for being stupid?
  • Oh, I’m talking like an idiot? Have you ever thought that it is the only way you could understand me?
  • I really like your approach, but I’d always prefer your departure.
  • You think I’m insulting you? Gosh, I’m just describing you.
  • Do you remember the time I asked for your personal opinion? ME NEITHER, so shut up!
  • I would slap you right now, but I don’t want to get my hands dirty.
  • At least plastic surgery can improve my look, but you’re going to live your whole live with your stupidity.
  • People from circus called. They asked for their clown back.
  • I would like to get back at you, but the nature seems to have taken all of the pleasure.
  • You DO have brain? Then why aren’t you using it?
  • I’d much rather live on a lonely island, all by myself, than be anywhere near babbling freaks like you.
  • I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by calling you stupid, but I thought you already know that.
  • Your face looks like it caught fire and you tried to put it out by slamming your head against the wall.
  • A little kid who still eats alphabet soup and dreams of becoming an astronaut can provide a smarter statement than you.
  • If I were a police officer, I’d put you in jail for disturbing the peace.
  • Try getting a life online. Maybe there is an online store that sells cheap and unused lives.

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