Games To Play With Kids In The Sand

Summer time is all that matters, especially when you have a multitude of kids running around. Indoor activities cannot be compared to the pleasure that outdoor ones give, that is why every parent should consider taking his/her kids somewhere where the sun is shining and the hot sand gently cuddles your feet. If, lack of time and finances are not allowing you to accomplish that pleasure with your kids, then, simply create a cozy and playful spot in your backyard or front area, where you can place childrens sand pits, that at the same time, can be an entertainment spot for your little ones a daily routine.

So, when the question about what kind of games to play with your kids in the sand is raised up, then the choices are numerous. Having in mind the fact that every kid wants to dig, draw, build castles and other sand sculptures, and, of course, to run in the sand barefoot.

Here is a list of games to consider, when doubting which one will be the most attractive and challenging for your children (all depends on their age and interest).

Babies & Toddlers

Babies and toddlers love to roll and crawl in the sand. That help them explore textures and basic concepts like emptiness and fullness. Beaches and sand boxes placed in the back yard are great places for babies to bond more with their parents and older or younger brothers and sisters. You can play a lot of simple games like hiding and find, you only have to take some coloured small toy and bury it in wet or dry send. Next, challenge the little ones to search and find it. Whoever finishes first, gets a tasty prize, like a cookie or small chocolate bar.

Lines and patterns are an inviting game too. Parents can draw patterns in the sand using sticks or simply their fingers, and ask the children to repeat after them. Also, you can let your child express his/her creativity by drawing an unique pattern.

Small Children

Small children that are between 3 and 5 years old are called explorers, why, because this is the age when they feel more independent and are ready to show their detective abilities searching in specially designed children’s sand pits or beaches. The treasure hunt is an interesting game to consider playing with your children. Hide the so-called “treasure” (small objects) here and there in the sand in a much larger area, and let them run and shovel till they find all the treasure.

Sock heads, if you haven’t heard how this game is played, then read the following line and put it on your list next time you entertain with your kids in the sand. Give each child big, old sock and a shovel to help fill it with sand. Then, tie the sock tops with rubber bands and challenge the kids to mold different shapes. The best one wins a prize.

Older Children

Older children want to have fun in the sand too. They are in the age that are more active, and that is why they need more active games. Long jump, simply draws a line in the sand and challenge them to jump as far as possible. Or maybe, sand maze sounds more inviting. Lay out a sand maze, and give older children an opportunity to work on their logical skills. Each child must make his/her way through the maze, from start to finish.

Building sandcastles have been a favourite sand activity for all ages, even, adults love building one. Beach volleyball is the top game for older children, because it gives them the opportunity to run in the sand, and a strong desire to win the match and to get the prize.

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