Five Disgusting Foods From Around The Globe

The dishes are our every day necessity. Whether you eat at home with your family, in a restaurant with friends or somewhere solemnly with your loved one, it is a necessity. Everyone has different tastes, but sometimes we want to try something different, something we have not tasted before. If you are an adventurer and a person who wants to taste every food this list is for you. Be careful some of these foods can surprise you when you find out what they actually contain and what they are made of. [WARNING: Some content may disturb]

The Most Disgusting Foods In The World

Fried tarantulas (Cambodia)

Be warned – those spiders that might be presented to you on a plate are not the thin-legged ones you are used to seeing around in the household. Not at all. In this case we are talking about tarantulas – big and hairy. Even though they are cooked, they still remain utterly scary. Most probably, where you live you can only see a tarantula in a terrarium, but on the streets of almost every Cambodian city you can buy them buy the pound from street vendors, who hold big trays topped with fried spiders and offer them to the hungry passers-by. The tarantulas are cooked in their entirety – legs, fangs, everything. They are thrown directly in the pan and get fried with just a bit of garlic and salt. The result is a crispy tarantula with a gooey surprise on the inside.

Balut (Philippines)

This dish may remind you of the chocolate eggs that hide a surprise toy inside them. However, after opening a Balut you will surely get surprised, but definitely not pleasantly. These Pilipino delicacies consist of just an egg, but inside it is the fetus of a chicken (or a duck). If you want to try a Balut, make sure the fetus isn’t older than two weeks, because past that period it starts developing claws, beaks and feathers. Balut is one of the most popular snacks in the Philippines, just as the hot dog is in the USA. The only savories used are coriander, lemon juice, salt and black pepper. Some people, however, prefer it with vinegar and chili sauce.

Casu Marzu (Sardinia)

Casu Marzu is a special type of cheese made of sheep milk. Nothing strange in this, one may say. However, translated into English, Casu Marzu means “rotten cheese”.  Not only is it rotten, but it is so fermented, that it gets riddled with larvae. The secret to this cheese’s specific taste is to eat it while the little maggots are still alive. If they die, the delicacy is then deemed toxic and not fit to eat. There have been reports about people getting sick from consuming this cheese, which is why it is widely banned for sale.

Puffer fish (Japan)

This particular dish could either be extremely delicious, or literally lethal. These types of fish are served predominantly in Japan, however only in certain restaurants, where master chefs prepare them from a special recipe. Consumed is only a particular part of the fish. This is because a deadly toxin called todrotoxin is contained in the Puffer fish’s skin and insides. So bear in mind that if you are planning a trip to the land of the rising sun and intend to taste that fish, be sure to do it at one of the reputable restaurants.

Surstromming (Sweden)

Widely distributed in the country of Sweden is a strange and quite bizarre dish, which could even be found in the supermarkets all across this Nordic country. Surstromming consists of nothing more than just fermented herring. These fish are harvested during the spring, before they have already spawned. They are then left for about a month or so in big barrels until they ferment and get tinned. As weird as it might sound, many people enjoy their Surstromming with milk.

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