Discussing Vegetable Garden Containers With Groot!

Groot Looks Happy In his New Vegetable Garden Container


Today with us we have Groot, Hello Groot!

I am Groot!

Oh right, you cannot understand him, but do not worry, we will manage somehow to find the best vegetable garden containers in Australia, well in the universe! After having an in-depth discussion with Groot, which ended with the line “I am Groot”(how shocking!), I have found all things you need to know to have the right containers!

I am Groot! (I think it means Let us begin)

When the time come to picking vegetable garden containers you will need to pick something that has enough depths for root development. Veggies, unlike some other plants, are depended on space for the roots co become established. The most usual depth is around 18-24cm which is perfect for the roots to get plenty of water and nutrients from the soil. If you want to buy bigger containers, you will need to consider their position before anything, as they will be heavier and more difficult to move around once they are full with water and soil. However, smaller planters are easy to move around, take less space, but the only downside is not having enough soil to grow veggies.

I am Groot, I am Groot! (What are self-watering planters?)


Well, Groot when it comes so self-watering containers, they are also a great choice to have the maximum optimisation of the vegetables. The system incorporates an inside water reservoir inside the base and allows moisture to be fed to the roots. That means that the plants decide how much water they will receive. Self-watering planters will sustain your plants from several days up to several weeks without spending one second on them. These planters are perfect if you travel a lot.

The final thing you should consider is the drainage. The veggies must have a good drainage so the water can pass more freely. It is quite important because the health of the plant depends on the water that it receives. If it receives too much water things can go south and the plant can die. For that reason, there should be wholes under the plant (unless is self-watering one) so the extra water can go more freely.

I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot!

Oh, good to hear Groot, that you have made your decision on which plant to buy and at the same time I hope we helped our readers to make the right decision to buy the plant they need. On the market, there are dozens of retailers and whether online or through their store, pick the right vegetable garden containers so your plants can grow as they should.

Wave goodbye Groot!

I am Groot!

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