Different Types Of Cats

Can you imagine your life without friends? Perhaps all of us don’t have equally loyal friends, but surely we can afford to have at least one pet that can be a good replacement and that we consider as our best friend. Of the many types of pets, today we will talk about the cats. Of course there are many types of cats ie breeds of cats that can make our home happier. Whether black, white or colored, all breeds of cats listed below can be one of our most faithful ie dearest friends. Here’s how does it look like our list of different types of cats … Let us know what would be your favorite of these ten.

Amazing Types Of Cats

  • Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat, types of cats

This cat is adapted to live in Norway of cold weather. Her fur is long and glossy and has woolen undercoat intended as insulation against cold temperatures. Except in Norway, it is very popular in Sweden, Iceland and France. Norwegian Forest Cat is a big strong cat with long legs and bushy tail, with a long head and it can be found in any color. This cat has health problems with heart diseases and can live 14 to 16 years.


  • American Shorthair

For this cat is believed to be brought from Europe to North America and today is one of the most popular breeds of cats as pet. American Shorthair is a large well-built cat attached to the owner, and it also can easily adapt to strangers. Adult males who are in the fourth year, are significantly larger than females and weigh from 11 to 15 pounds, and adult females from 8 to 12 pounds. This cat can find up to 8 different colors and can live 15 years or more.


  • Aegean cat

One of the most beautiful cats who can find as a pet. Quickly adapt to the environment and very friendly to new faces. The coat of this cat is semi-long hair with beautiful and lush tail. Her fur makes good protection during the change of the seasons. Aegean cat has a medium size, and its tail is pretty big, and fur can be seen in two or three colors. The most dominating color is white that covers even two-thirds of her body, and the other 1/3 can be black, red or blue.


  • British Shorthair

This breed is considered to be the most popular because of its unusual appearance. The cats of Shorthair breed have extensive and muscular construction, broad shoulders and breasts and short legs, plush coats that are described as crisp or cracking referring to the way the coat breaks over the contours of the cat’s body. Their eyes are large, and they can be in different colors. Male cats are larger than female cats. Male kitten can weight 5-10 pounds an the female 5-7, but unfortunately they can live less than 10 years due to HCM which is hereditary and can be detected by performing an ultrasound or echo cardiogram of the heart.


  • Burmilla

Sweet cat named Burmila was created accidentally from Chinchilla Persian named Sanquist and a lilac Burnese named Faberge. So, these two cats were both awaiting a partner of their own breed in different rooms, but one night the cleaner has left the door open and that night in 1981 the Burmila breed was created. Burmillas has muscular and elegant bodies, sparkling silver coat. They are very sociable and playful and get along with children and other animals. Experts recommend that you should brush your cat’s coat every week.


  • Siamese

Siamese has the most beautiful cat eyes, they are very intelligent and playful, they enjoy being with people and they can also mew very loud which has been compared to the cries of a human baby. The breed standard of the Modern Siamese indicates an elegant, slim, stylish, flexible, and well-muscled body. Its head is triangular, with fine muzzle. The eyes are almond-shaped and light blue ( a feature found only in purebreds), with large wide-based ears positioned more towards the side of the head. Siamese and Siamese-derived breeds have a higher rate of mortality compared to other breeds.


  • Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a cat similar to Cornish Rex. The first Devon was discovered in Uk in 1960. This cat has a curly, very soft and short coat. She is described as a monkey in a cat suit. They are high jumpers, and you can see them often uploaded on the highest places in the house, you can also find them in odd nooks and crannies of a closet, shelf or laundry basket. They are very intelligent creatures. A Devon can walk on a leash, fetch of perform of tricks associated with canines, of course if you trained them. This cat is always devoted to one person to whom they show their love.


  • Peterbald

This cat has an elegant appearance, with graceful and muscular build and a long head. Peterbal cats have a dog feature, they follow their owner everywhere he goes, and they also want to live in harmony with other pets.These cats can be born completely bald because they have a hair losing gene, but those who are born with hair can lose their hair over time. Peterbald breed is the result of an experiment made in 1994, mating of a Don Hairless and an Oriental Shorthair female World Champion named Radma von Jagerhov. But, people suspect that genetic mutation could cause feline ectodermal dysplasia causing problems like poor dentition and compromised ability to lactate.


  • Polydactyl

Polydactyl is a very specific breed, they can be born with more than the usual number of toes which is a congential physical anormaly called polydactyly. The cat of this breed who has 27 toes was recognised by Guinness World Records. These kittens have various nicknames like ”mitten cats” , snowshoe cats”, ”conch cats”, six-fingered cats”, ”cardi-cats”, ”hemingway cats” and others. Polydactyl cats can be often find in the East Coast of North America and in South West England, Wales. Some people believe that these cats are rare in Europe because they were killed as witches familiars, but other people say that they are very common in Britain.


  • Sphynx

This breed is the most interesting and most unusual I have ever seen. Sphynx’s cats don’t have hair, they only have skin so they shouldn’t expose to sun too much because they can get sunburn just like humans. Little kittens can also have problems in the first weeks because of the lack of hair. So the owners of these cats should wear them clothes for kittens in the winters to help them conserve their normal body heat. These cats are very intelligent, they have a lot of energy,they are especially very curious and also very fond and dedicated to their owner. Sphynx breed is a creation of the simultaneous work performed by nature and many committed, competent individuals.

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