Composite Vs. Soft Toe Waterproof Work Boots – Which Ones to Get?

No matter you are working in construction, you are navigating around heavy machinery or you are spending your work time in a freezing, wet environment, having a pair of boots that will keep you comfortable and protected is a must. A pair of heavy-duty work boots will help you complete your job more effectively as they are designed for comfort, support and performance. They are high traction and sturdy what makes them a safe choice. Maybe they are not the most fashionable and lightweight boots you can find, but keep in mind you need them for heavy duty work and not for a fashion show. When looking for work boots, there is one big decision to make. You need to choose between soft toe waterproof work boots and composite toe work boots. Knowing their features, pros and cons will certainly ease your decision so here is what to keep in mind.

First, you need to give yourself the answers to a few important questions. For example, are you working in a place where there is a high risk of puncture injuries? If your answer is yes, then you should consider composite boots. If you need your boots to be light, then opt for soft toe boots as they are a bit lighter than composite. Are you working in a wet environment where there is a lot of moisture? Then soft toe waterproof work boots will work just perfect. There is nothing worse than kicking your boots off and finding out your feet soaked. These boots are designed to keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable, while still keeping them protected from dangers in your workplace. So, let’s back to the point: soft toe or composite toe work boots?

  • Soft toe work boots

This type of heavy duty boots works well in protecting your feet from bloodborne pathogens, microbes and chemicals. They will also keep you safe from falls if you are working in a wet and slippery environment and moreover, a waterproof model will keep you dry. When looking to buy a soft toe work boots keep in mind the following features so you can be sure your new pair of heavy duty footwear will provide you with all the protection you need. Make sure the boots are made with leather upper so they can provide your feet with stability and nylon uppers for flexibility. Rubber outsoles and slip and oil-resistant soles will provide protection from slip-and-fall hazards and waterproof construction for keeping your feet dry and fresh during the whole day.

  • Composite toe boots

These boots are made from heavy-duty plastic, rubber or carbon and offer protection against some puncture, crushing and impact accidents what makes them perfect for working in risking environments. When looking to buy a pair of composite boots look for the following features: climbing lugs, leather construction, injection-moulded insoles, moisture-wicking lining, oil and slip-resistant outsoles, nylon shanks, padded neoprene collars, side zippers, puncture-resistant frames and vented waterproof membranes.

So what are the pros and cons of both types? Soft toe work boots are highly flexible, lightweight and offer bloodborne pathogen and chemical resistance but offer very little protection from punctures, crushing or impact. On the other hand, composite boots are good for extreme temperatures, they offer good electrical resistance but they can not withstand as much impact as steel toe boots. Knowing which one to buy is the biggest part of the battle. Once you are done with that choice it’s time to select the style and the right size.

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