How to Combat Rising Humidity with Compressed Air Dryers

While water is essential for the growth of plants and our optimal body functions, sometimes there are conditions in which it can be dangerous. Too much moisture can lead to mould contamination. When it is the case with situations of high humidity in the industrial sector, it can lead to machine failure and slower production and they affect cost and material loss respectively.

Humidity plays a big role in the capacity of compressed air systems. Compressed air is so widely used nowadays, that it is a power source as important as electricity, water and gas. It is also known as the fourth utility of industry. The process that goes on in a compress air system, as we can guess from the name, is to compress air (i.e. reduce the size it takes up). Sometimes it is even more convenient than electricity because it can be produced easily and it releases high amounts of energy due to the air pressuring to get to its previous size. The ambient air that is being compressed is contaminated and rather moist which can lead to complications in the system. Condensation occurs when the compressed air’s temperature is lowered to an operational level and it can cause corrosion, damage the equipment, as well as products and everything that is operated by compressed air. In cold conditions, there are serious system damages as the moisture freezes. This is where a compressed air dryer comes in handy.

Compressed air dryers are designed to maintain the air temperature at levels adequate for optimal system operation, thus they create dry air by removing the moisture. Air contamination is eliminated through compressed air treatment resulting in clear air and this makes it a treatment that aims to preserve the environment. Quality compressed air dryers for sale specialised in energy saving are made from recyclable materials. It is necessary to know the dew point (the point of temperature below which condensation starts) to determine the exact amount of drying that is required. Dryness also depends on the weather conditions. In summer unlike in winter, the dew point should be higher. All of this is related to the type of compressed air dryer you will need.

When you look through the models of compressed air dryers for sale, you should be able to distinguish between the different types and find the one that suits you most. There are refrigerated, desiccant (adsorption) and membrane dryers. Refrigerated ones are the dryers with the highest dew point (regulating air as low as 2°C). With these dryers condensation is removed by heating the outlet air on the account of inlet air. Desiccant and membrane dryers are ideal in freezing conditions and they are able to keep the dew point to much lesser levels. Desiccant dryers work with the adsorption process using desiccant materials to get water which is carried on in two chambers. The perfect example of this kind of dryer is the Ecodry K-MT 1-8 with its DDS (dew point dependent switching) feature. Membrane dryers consist of membranes through which drying is carried out and their compact size makes them operate without the need of electricity. They can even be used in hazardous atmosphere.

Compressed air systems are used in many industrial branches, such as: plastics industry, energy, chemicals, health, including food industry. It is important to do your own research and based on the type of compressed air system you use, you can buy the right compressed air dryer you need.

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