CMS Magnolia – All You Need To Know About

Many of you might know what Open CMS Magnolia is; many of you might not that is why we will briefly cover everything you need to know in this article. To put it simply Magnolia CMS is an open source digital business platform as well as a web content management system. It has been designed to help businesses everywhere create a compelling digital experience. Below we will cover roughly what Magnolia CMS can do and how it can help you.

Magnolia Content Management System’s Biggest Benefits

Content Creation

This is one of many things that Magnolia CMS Software has been designed for. It is simple yet powerful and gives content authors a chance to create mobile-ready content in a matter of minutes. Its simplistic design allows its users little to no training to be able to start straight away. Technology is forever changing and now with Magnolia CMS, you can just as easily create content on a tablet just as you would a desktop. You can also easily navigate through Magnolia CMS apps like you usually would on your smartphone on whichever piece of technology you are using. This technology can take your content and automatically apply a mobile theme which will make it suitable for any mobile device. This is something you can’t usually do which is what makes it so special.


Magnolia CMS makes developing an enjoyable experience because it has clear app framework as well as a huge number of possibilities when it comes to integrations. Developers can easily use Magnolia CMS to integrate everything from enterprise systems, data, and tools. It has never been easier to develop with things like light modules and templates that can be easily understood in under an hour. With the app framework, you can easily develop your own apps as well as separate content storage from management. It is also great for front end developers who can learn the template basics quickly and efficiently, you don’t even need to know Java. You can also feel free to work the way you want to and the way that feels most comfortable to you. As well as having all the updates ready to download all in one spot. There are also backup tools where you can easily backup and restore everything you need.

Flexible Integration

Magnolia CMS offers you digital transformation by connecting to data sources and multiple systems. Business users can then offer their target audience with great web experiences. Being able to integrate with multiple systems and tools enables you to offer better experiences to your customers. Not only this but by connecting Magnolia CMS to your e-commerce system you can easily upgrade your product listings as well as create campaigns with more personalized content. It also allows you to integrate with marketing automation connectors which means you can use your data to the fullest amount all while having stability with a flexible CMS. Magnolia CMS comes with an external service which you can also store any photos and videos which you can also incorporate into anything that Magnolia CMS has to offer.

Performance & Scalability

Magnolia CMS has been designed to enhance your digital presence without you worrying about security, scalability, or performance. It has been specifically designed to be able to handle all these requests all while being able to maintain its performance. It has been designed to give you secure content authoring and spreads the load out meaning that two more public instances ensure that your content is delivered constantly. Magnolia CMS comes with high performance caching meaning that it minimizes the server load to make sure that fresh content is delivered to visitors. So many companies have decided to use Magnolia CMS because it can also offer you the option to add as many authors that you want without stressing about it. It can be used by hundreds of thousands of users if you add more servers all while giving authors great access and performance. Hopefully, after reading this article you have come to see just how great Magnolia CMS really is, it’s not hard to see why so many companies rely on Magnolia CMS on a daily basis.

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