Bucket Tote Bag: A Fabulous Way To Be Fashionable This Summer

Following a lot of fashionistas on Instagram has its pros and cons; you get to use a lot of ideas on trendy outfits, but you’ll also silently and slowly become a victim of those exact trends. It’s not like those fashion bloggers, icons or trendsetters have that much money to afford everything the pose in, but you sure will be under the impression of it. On the positive side, you’ll be synced with fashion’s otherwise fast track. So many aspects of fashion change daily in the search for something that’s going to be comfortable, stylish and affordable for the wider public. For instance, the tote bag.

Tote Bags

Traditional Tote Bag

The traditional tote bag is an irregular quadrilateral and it is usually a large handbag. In the effort of being unique and trendy, designers came up with the bucket tote bag; it’s still a tote, it’s just a lot cuter and way more comfortable, since it’s not that large.

The Bucket Tote Bag

The bucket tote bag is an inevitable piece of accessory of today’s fashion trends: whether you prefer bohemian, casual, sporty, elegant or a rock, more Gothic style, the bucket tote will perfectly complement any outfit. Introducing: Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. This bag is responsible for the huge success of the bucket bag trend. Initially, it came in only three colours, and it was sold out almost at light’s speed.

And don’t let me start on the comfort of it; it’s the type and design of tote in which you can fit everything from a makeup set, wallet, scarf, or even an extra pair of shoes! Because of its boxy design, the bucket tote is tightly closed on top, so it’s impossible to see what’s in there. And the ease of finding something in it – priceless! This brings me to a point; the bucket tote bag has the perfect size: large enough to fit anything in it, and small enough to easily find exactly what you’re looking for without stressing about it.


Another thing that works in this bag’s advantage is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be boxy. You can find something that looks more traditional, but it still has all the characteristics of a bucket tote. For instance, the Reagan Tote in leather by Condura. It has a square shape, and medium handles so you can wear it in your arms or over the shoulder. It’s made of leather, so it’ll be the perfect accessory for your formal outfits, like high heels, shirt, a pencil skirt and a trendy poncho. Perfect outfit for the office right?

Don’t wait for the next trend to come; get something ageless, something that fits in all trends, and it’s it bag for all seasons. A bucket tote bag is just that.

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