A Brief History Of The Cars – All Car Brands

American car brands

  • Chevrolet

Most American car brands produce muscle cars, as they have always been. One of the best in doing that is Chevrolet, a car maker that produces cars with exceptional capabilities. Chevy has managed to become not only of the best American car brands, but of the world’s car brands, thanks to the stylish, powerful and quality cars. One of its latest cars is the Camaro ZL1, a car equipped with the latest technologies and offering the same legendary, powerful, Chevy driving experience.

  • Ford

As all American car brands, Ford offers the most powerful sports cars in the world. With an experience of over 110 years, Ford has gained a world-wide recognition for producing very powerful and fast cars that could fit every budget. In 2013, Ford has sold over million cars, which is more than all American car brands. The Ford cars of the F Series were sold in over 300,000 units in America and they were very popular all year long. However, with the impressive sale growth that Ford has accomplished in 2013, it is expected to grow even more in the years to come.

  • Cadillac

Cadillac is another luxury American car brand that deals with luxurious cars only. This American car maker is the second American car brand and was founded in the distant 1902. Although Cadillac has a global presence, the company sells its products mostly in America and Canada. However, in the recent few years, Cadillac has made a remarkable increase in global sales with over 195,000 units sold in 2013 alone. So, there are no doubts why Cadillac is expected to become a big luxury brand with world-wide reputation.

South Korean car brands

  • >Kia

The oldest car manufacturer of South Korea is also one of the most popular car manufacturers. Kia is not only a producer of cars, but it produces all kinds of vehicles and vehicle parts. Although Kia has become a subsidiary of Hyundai in 2012, Kia stills has a huge impact in the automotive industry. It supplies over one million cars per year, produced in its operation centres located in eight different countries. Also, Kia is one of the few South Korean car manufacturers that managed to take a slot in Top 100 Best Global Brands.

  • Hyundai

Hyundai is one of the most popular South Korean car brands. The South Korean car maker provides more than 1,5 million vehicles per year, which certainly makes it one of the most popular car brands of the world. Also, Hyundai operates in the largest and one of the most advanced automobile manufacturing facility in the world. Hyundai is not popular only in South Korea, as 55% of the total production capacity of the company are coming outside the country.

  • GM Korea/Daewoo

GM Korea is one of the most successful South Korean car brands today. In fact, GM Korea is the new name of the well-known Daewoo. Having financial issues have forced Daewoo to be sold to General Motors and was quickly renamed into the name it has today. The South Korean car makers operates in five manufacturing facilities, all located in South Korea and one assembly facility in Vietnam. GM Korea today produces vehicles for Opel, Chevrolet, Holden and Buick, offered in over 160 markets all across the globe.

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