Best Selling Books For The Summer

True book lovers always have time to read, but there are many people who do not have that much free time and still want to read books. Summer is reserved for the holidays, and then we can find the spare time to read some good book. On this list I had prepared, you can find interesting books on a variety of different genres, and all f them are equally fun to read at any time of year. So here are the best books for the summer which also are best selling books.

Best Selling Books

best selling books

  •  “Murder in Mesopotamia” – Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot tries to clear up the mystery surrounding the murder of Mrs. Leidner, wife of a respected archeologist. The action takes place at archaeological sites in Iraq, and the story tells sister Amy Lederan that will be hired to take care of Mrs. Leidner because her husband believes that she has a problem with nerves.

  • “Twelve Temptations” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

It is twelve stories narrated by Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book was published in 1992 and is trying to display a sense of being a stranger in a foreign land. To create stories and published a book on Marquez took eighteen years. Initially his thought was to create novel, but later he realized that it made more sense to release a book of short stories that would be separate. Might not want all twelve stories, but at least a few of them for sure will remain strongly etched in memory.

  •  “Return to me” – Guillaume Musso

Books from Musso are ripe for summer. Fast to read and doesn’t require too much strain on the story.Some consider his books “lemonade” and yet on the other hand he has an army of readers who will say that they love his books.

“Return to me” is a story about a successful psychiatrist who in his youth had to leave the life that he lived and things turn in the desired direction. Several years later he is a respected and successful, but managed to lose the only woman who genuinely loved her. One day things really wrong and depart in the waiting room of his office commits suicide a girl, and he will be killed because of debt. But Ethan gets a chance to fix things.

best selling books, reading books

  •  “The Great Gatsby” – F.Skot Fitzgerald

This novel takes second place on the list of 100 best novels of the 20th century. The incident is set in the 20s of last century in New York during prohibition, and tells the story of a longing for a lost love in the material world. What is particularly in this novel is impeccable writing Fitzgerald, with melody and imagery in the words of narration, so long as you read the characters and events will come alive in your mind. The recent average screening set this novel again topped the list of best selling books in the world this season.

  •  “It is tragic and pathetic” – Woody Allen

This is a collection of several short plays in one of the best storytellers of today, Woody Allen. The plays are a rank and each is satirical, intelligent and fun in the unique style of Allen, sometimes absurd about people tend to behave rationally in extremely irrational situations. This book is a fun and fast to read, and the best would be the case “Death knocks on the door” and “Central Park West”.

  • 7th “The wounded eagle” – Mir Yam

Those who love the romance in this time of lacking sense of romance, can reach the novels of the past while quite different in this in which we live. Many generations grew up with the books of the Serbian writer, and it comes to inexperienced romantic love stories and life values ​​that seems to disappear in this modern age.

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  •  “Pride and Prejudice” – Jane Austen

If you like books that describe social occasions, then this is a great classic satire of English society in the early 19th century. And then the most important dilemma was whether each girl will get married and to whom. But if man everything that girl needs just to feel fufilled?

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