Best Places To Visit In Europe

There is no human being who does not want to travel a little, even through their country, to see something new or find some places to visit about whom you have heard from your friends or you’ve seen on TV. There are many cool places to visit in Europe, but as we know that everything is very expensive today, so you can’t go anywhere you want.

But at least once in your life, whether your parents, or your girlfriend/boyfriend or your kids, or even alone you should go and visit the best places in Europe. Most of the places below are known to you, but there are some about whom you’ll read for the first time and you will be amazed by their nature, habits, night life histories and so on. Here’s how it looks our list of top places to visit in Europe and if you ever decide to walk across Europe these are ten places that you must visit/see.

Top Places To Visit In Europe

  • Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain, places to visit

Toledo is located in the center of Spain and is located only 70 kilometers from Madrid. This small town has a population of no more than 90,000 residents and an area of about 233 square kilometers. The place that I recommend you to visit – the old city is located on the top of the mountain. From three sides is surrounded by the river Tagus and contains many historical places including the cathedral of the primacy church of Spain and Zocodover central market place.


  • Moominhouse, Finland

Moominhouse, Finland, places to visit

If you are a young married couple and you have children this is the perfect place to visit for your family. The main attraction in this park the blueberry-colored Moomin House consisting of 5 floors, and tourists are allowed to visit all five. This so-called Moomin World is open only in summer, ie from mid-June to mid-August each year. So sometimes visit this place and make to your children one amazing and memorable trip.


  • Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland, places to visit

Zermatt is well-known ski resort in the Swiss Alps and is the perfect place for your vacation. It is a place with no more than 6000 thousand inhabitants, located at 1620 meters or 5300 feet above sea level. The economy of this small town is based on tourism, where half of the jobs are in restaurants or hotels, and half of the apartments are for vacation. Just over one-third of the population were born there, and the rest have moved in Zermatt some even from outside Switzerland.


  • Kvarner Islands, Croatia

Kvarner Islands, Croatia

The perfect place for your summer vacation is on Kvarner Islands in Croatia. Any of the seven islands of Lošinj, Krk, Cres, Pag, Rab, Rijeka or Opatija will not be wrong. All these islands are located on Kvarnerski Bay area of northern Croatia bordering with Istria peninsula. This bay is one of the closest points on the Adriatic Sea in Central and Western Europe. Kvarner is a popular tourist place even since the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the 19th century.


  • Paris, France

Paris, France, cool place to visit

If not in live we have seen this amazing city on television, ie most of the movies has scene around or in the famous Eiffel Tower. Despite the huge population of 2.2 million people who live there, this beautiful city is visited by about 30 million tourists per year. If you decide to visit this city , you won’t be disappointed, because there you can see the largest and most famous museums in the world, as well as many art-works including the Mona Lisa, and you might see some of the famous footballers who play for French clubs as the Englishman David Beckham and Swede Zlatan Ibrahimović.



  • Heidelberg Castle, Germany

 5. Heidelberg Castle, Germany

The castle is one of the most famous ruins in Germany. The ruins of the castle are among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps. Interestingly, the ruins of this castle is incurred not only as a result of the wars in the past, but even twice hit by lightning in it once in 1537 and the second time two hundred years later, ie in 1764 the second lightning strikes the same place. For all lovers of history I would recommend to visit the castle which is located 80 meters or 260 feet to the north Königstuhl hill.


  • Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

This is the only place that has more tourists than residents who actually live there. The reason for this remarkable town is that because it looks just like 600 years ago, it makes it unique, and also delighted tourists. Venice is located in north-east Italy and is made up of 118 small islands which are separated by channels and mutually connected by bridges. If you decide to visit this beautiful town in Italy, try to avoid rainy days because you have to bring waterproof footwear and try not to get cold.


  • Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary which is one of the largest and one of the most famous and most pleasant cities to visit in Europe. The atmosphere of this unique city is flooded by young people because of the immense night life, so it is best to visit until you’re young, with your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends. Here you will not enjoy  only the night life, but also the rich offer of the amazing natural thermal baths where you can relax and enjoy. More than 3 million tourists a year visit this beautiful city in Hungary.


  • Canterbury Cathedral, England

Canterbury Cathedral, England

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. This historic building is found in 597, and was completely renovated 1070 to 1077 year. Cathedral consists of 3 towers and each of them is high at 72 meters and the length of the building 157 meters. The perfect place to visit if you are fond of old church buildings.


  • Heraklea, Bitola, Macedonia

Heraklea, Bitola, Macedonia

Another historical place located in a small country in Europe at the center of the Balkan Peninsula, located in Macedonia. This ancient Macedonian city was founded by Philip II of Macedonia in the middle of the fourth century BC, located just 2 miles south of present-city Bitola. In the ruins of Heraclea you can see the remains of the city walls and bathrooms. This place in the early Christian period was important episcopal center. The visit to these remarkable ruins of the past will not cost you a lot, and walk through the whole place of Heraklea won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

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