Aluminum or Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Which is Best For Me

Whether you’re a training athlete or someone who is just trying to keep up their water intake, choosing the right water bottle for you can be somewhat confusing these days. It used to be okay just to fill up an old plastic bottle and use that for the rest of the day, but with most plastics being deemed unsafe most people are looking for a better alternative. Glass bottles, although they are great for at home use, are not the most practical when you need to leave the house. That leaves metal, but which metal is better for you? We’ll go over the differences between aluminium water bottles and stainless steel water bottles then you can make an informed decision which one you should be using.

Aluminium Bottles

Aluminium bottles are a good choice, they come in a range of different colours and styles and have become quite popular. Although aluminium water bottles can sometimes react to certain liquids that’s why they usually come lined with some kind of enamel, resin, polymer or epoxy to stop the aluminium from discharging which may be harmful. This can also sometimes leave a specific taste, most companies now have BPA free lining if it’s something you are trying to avoid but be aware that older models of aluminium water bottles do not have BPA free lining. Try to avoid putting any kind of soft drinks or anything acidic like lemonade as it can irritate the metal, even if it’s a lined bottle you may scratch the lining and it could discharge into your drink.

The biggest positives of an aluminium water bottle are that it’s way less expensive than steel, so finding one at a reasonable price is quite easy. It is also much lighter than stainless steel so carrying one around all day won’t be a problem. There is a downside to aluminium mostly that because it is so light the metal can be a little fragile and it dents much more easily than your typical stainless steel water bottle. Aluminium water bottles are also not safe to wash in the dishwasher.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles also seem to be growing in popularity and it’s no wonder why, they seem to be one of the safer choices. They’re usually made from the same steel our pots and pans are made from, and it is a neutral metal meaning is doesn’t discharge anything into your drink and there is no need for stainless steel to be lined. So you don’t have to worry about accidental discharge from a stainless steel water bottle. A warning to anyone who is allergic to nickel, stainless steel water bottles contain nickel so you could get an allergic reaction and your best to avoid them.

The benefits of using a stainless steel water bottle over an aluminium one are that they are much more sturdy and durable than an aluminium bottle. There is no need to worry about scratching the lining or anything like that and there is no trace of plastic or epoxy unless it’s found in the bottle cap. Stainless steel bottles are also easier to clean as you can just stick them in the dishwasher. They can sometimes dent but not very easily, and like with most metals your water might have a slight metallic taste to it sometimes. Stainless steel water bottles can also heat up quite quickly if they are left in warmer rooms or in the sun, keep them in a cool place and they should be fine.


When you have made your choice and have purchased one of these bottles you should wash it out with soap and water, if you feel like it needs a deeper clean you can use white vinegar and baking soda to clean it. If you chose the stainless steel bottle you can always put it in the dishwasher. Regular tap water is just fine, but if you want something a little extra you can always buy a filter for your tap water. Don’t forget to hydrate throughout the day.

Although glass is always going to come in first place, it’s just not practical to carry around. You can easily drop it and it will break although there are specially designed glass bottles now designed to survive accidents it still heavier and more inconvenient. Hopefully after reading all the pros and cons on aluminium water bottles vs. stainless steel water bottles your choice has become a little easier in choosing the right water bottle for you.

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