5 Tips about Writing Quotes about Dreams and Love

Some of the world’s most famous books and quotes are based on dreams, for example Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. A way to tell ourselves the true emotions and feelings we feel is through the stories in our dreams.

Tips for Writing Inspirational Quotes about Dreams and Love:

The Story

We can define dreams as stories that are created by our minds. Some of the more complex ones have all the needed parts of as story, a beginning, a middle and an end, they also have a resolution and conflict. However, most of the times that we are dreaming we sort of get dropped in the middle of the stories with no explanation of what’s going on and then we wake up before the dream makes any sense. And from what the characters that you dream about, what they say and do you can write a great quote.


When we dream we feel stronger emotions and we feel very strongly about the actions we have carried out. When you start to write remember what emotions you felt and why did you feel these emotions when dreaming. If you write on one expanded feeling you can make a great quote.

Remember the Details

When dreaming we focus a lot of our attention on small details around us, like some specific color or shape. At first they seem strange, but when we think about these small details for a bit, they can make a great inspiration for writing.

Who and Why?

Think about the people in your dream. Do you know them in real life? What’s the reason they were in your dream? Are they the same person that you know in real life or are they different in you dream? When writing quotes about dreams you can express what you truly feel towards the people in your life. With this you can tell them the impact that they had on your life and how they’ve changed you for the better.


How do you see yourself when dreaming? In our dreams, often times we are better versions of ourselves, or we see ourselves as the ones we desperately desire to be. When you write quotes about who you are in your dreams and comparing your dream self to your real life self will help turn into the person who you truly desire to be.

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