25 Great Gifts For Guys

It is rather easy to select a gift for women but, finding the suitable gift item for guys is certainly not an easy task. When one is buying a gift for his father, brother, friend, neighbor, colleague, superior at the workplace, subordinate or any other guy, he wants to ensure that the gift is useful as well as appealing to the recipient. One common method of selecting gifts for guys is to find out their interest and select a relevant item. Following is a list of gift items that are ideal for presenting to guys.

  • 1. Blue Mo-Fi Headphones


When you want to select a gift for a guy who is a music lover, you can go for the Blue Mo-Fi powered Headphone that comes with Audiophile Amplifier. This amazing headphone enables the user to enjoy the highs and lows of the music. The sound quality is great, appearance is elegant and this earphone is very comfortable for the ears.

  • 2. Smartwatch


A stylish Smartwatch with Android just like the Moto 360 will be appreciated by most of the guys. This watch offers a very wide range of amazing awesome features and the recipient of this gift is sure to use it as a highly versatile product.

  • 3. Leather Valet


Leather Valet made of 100% genuine leather is a very attractive as well as useful gift item. The interior is provided with velvet lining and it offers separate spaces to keep watch, cufflinks, coins, tickets and keys. A phone tray is also provided in the center of the valet.

  • 4. Auto Emergency Tool Kit


This attractive kit contains 9 different types of multi-function tools that are versatile. These tools can be used for normal maintenance as well as emergencies. The set of tools include Red LED light, white flash light, belt cutter, glass breaker, pliers, scissors, ordinary screwdrivers and flathead screwdrivers.

  • 5. Stainless steel Wine Chiller

This compact sophisticated chiller can keep 3 bottles of wine overnight in chilled condition.

  • 6. Juniper Bonsai

Guys who will appreciate the ancient art of Bonsai will be delighted to receive the outdoor Bonsai which is 6 – 8” tall kept in a colored ceramic pot containing humidity tray and pebbles.

  • 7. Leather Tech Organizer

This is a wonderful gift for boyfriends and husbands. It is a highly stylish item to protect the Smartphone. It can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. It can hold the charging cords as well as headphones.

  • 8. Personalized Pub Glasses

For the Beer lovers these Pub Glasses will be precious utensils. This is a set of 4 superior quality glasses with amazing graphic.

  • 9. Wooden Beer Holder

This wooden Beer holder is personalized and is made of genuine dark wood with bottle opener mounted on the side.

  • 10. Family Character Bowl

Family Character Bowl

These bowls are ideal for ice-creams, soups and cereals. The elegant looking white porcelain bowls are provided with stylish handles.

  • 11. Laptop Stand

Here is an amazing gift item for the techies. As the user works, watches and plays, this Walnut Laptop Stand adjusts his view. Stainless steel stop having lining of vegetable tanned leather of premium quality is provided to keep the device.

  • 12. Nintendo Wii U Console

This gift will take the guy to a new world of entertainment. It offers brand new games. It can be connected to and shared with friends and other family members. Entertainment can be transformed.

  • 13. Melange Cashmere Sweater

Melange Cashmere Sweater

The Cashmere sweater is very stylish and comes in medium size. It has Crewneck, long sleeves and ribbed collar. It can be dry-cleaned or hand washed.

  • 14. Garmin Action Camera

The guys who go for adventurous trips can use this 1080p HD action camera to record video for hours on a single charge. It is provided with rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

  • 15. Chrome Travel Duffle

This duffle bag is provided with water-proof tarpaulin lining and functions as a leak-proof cooler that keeps the stuff dry. It is highly durable.

  • 16. Sero 7 Pro Tablet

The Sero 7 Pro Tablet is ideal for games that are graphic-intensive. The IPS panel of the HD display ensures wide viewing angles and minimum glares.

  • 17. Multi-Sport GPS Watch

This GPS Watch does not require extra piece to track pace, time or distance when the user is in the pool or on the trail.

  • 18. DRE Studio Wireless

This keeps the user connected always even when he is out of the office. Since this latest type of headphone is wireless, the user can control music or phone call on his headset.

  • 19. Cupcakes Ties

The awesome Johnny Cupcake Ties are laced with cupcakes and crossbones. From the five different ties, one can choose his tie every day.

  • 20. HEX Watches

If the guy is using iPod Nano, the HEX Watch will be an amazing gift for him. The Nano can transform the Wrist Watch into a mini computer.

  • 21. Shot and Pint Drinking Glass

Shot and Pint Drinking Glass

This is a combo of Shot Glass and Pint Glass. The combo is more convenient than a separate shot glass and pint glass and cleaning is also easier.

  • 22. Conundrum Decanter

When filled and poured, the decanter aerates and oxygenates the wine. It is made of glass and stainless steel and comes in a stylish design.

  • 23. Hillsboro White Double Hammock

This stylish outdoor furniture has a curved wooden frame and is provided with all weather reinforced nylon fabric.

  • 24. IHOME Flask-Shaped Speaker

This flask has dual purposes. The user can drink wine from it while listening to his favorite music.

  • 25. Outdoor Chair

This backpack, insulated chair makes all outdoor activities easier and more comfortable. This chair is made of HD Polyester. It has adjustable carrying straps. There are 3 exterior compartments in the front and a large zippered compartment in the back.

If this list wasn’t enough, here you can see some more great gift ideas for guys which will help you find the perfect for your loved one.

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