Where Is Hided The Best Chocolate In The World?

Chocolate is more than just sweet treats, and this is confirmed by the latest trend of “chocolate” trips. It is about organizing tourist tours that only visit museums, shops and factories for different types of chocolate, just for you to find out where is hiding the best chocolate in the world. Chocolates and chocolate products are characteristic of many cities.In this advantage has Europe and its map of chocolate destinations like Zurich, Brussels, Tournai, Barcelona and many other locations. By many people the Belgian chocolate is the best. If you have a chance to go there don’t forget to try all the Belgian chocolate brands. However, this time we can distinguish destinations for real chocolate lovers and connoisseurs of the most popular dessert on the planet.

Best Chocolates In The World

  • Belgian chocolates – Brussels, Belgium

belgian chocolate

For the Belgian chocolates, each description is futile. We suggest you to visit museums for cocoa and chocolate,  where despite tasting you can find out some secret for making the same. The best and most vibrant is the praline Wittamer – “Isabelle” which hides a dark chocolate filled with marzipan flavored with pistachios, and equally favorite is “Leslie” milk chocolate with caramelized pineapple. And of course while you are in Brussels, do not miss to try the chocolate fountains, you will not be disappointed.

  • French Chocolates – Paris, France
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chaud a l'ancienne
Although perhaps because they are all baked goods and cheeses, chocolate is placed in the background, however French chocolate is widely known and respected. No matter if it is chaud a l’ancienne – chocolate which can be added to milk or rich dark chocolate from Debauve et Gallais, which is considered to be the best French black chocolate, for sure you will forget about counting calories and enjoy in perfect taste. La Cafeotheque is inevitable point for lovers of coffee. Here you can taste various drinks which are a combination of coffee and chocolate. Sweetest souvenir you will find in Choco-atelier of Michel Chaudun or Jacques Genin.

  • Grenada, the Caribbean

Grenada Chocolate Company

Sparkling white beaches, turquoise sea and chocolate – Grenada is straight hedonistic paradise. Local producers are not as fancy as European, but they are guaranteeing you pure chocolate with 82% cocoa. The whole chocolate which is produced on the island is of organic origin from local plantations. A special delicacy is a chocolate powder that is added to not just to the drinks, but the meals too.

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

mexican chocolate

Is there a better place for tasting chocolates from her home town? As early as 1100 BC chocolate was made in this area, so it is not surprising that constantly pervades in the city’s history and culture. Mina Street, the best street for sweets in the world, are Mayordomo, Guelaguetza and La Soledad – family chocolatiers, who are precious among all the connoisseurs that do these sweets. In addition you have the opportunity to taste real, just prepared chocolate, you can monitor the process of preparing the same, and even learn how to use chocolate in culinary so you can learn how to make chicken with avocado and chocolate – well… why not?

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