Top Clothing Brands Around The World

The most expensive clothing brands in the world are not just expensive but stylish too. These top clothing brands are not new to the market, but their name and reputation in the fashion business is built through many years. Apart from being very popular, their prices tell who can afford them and those are just some of the people who can buy that exclusivity. The names of these expensive brands are well known to all, and what is common to them, is that they are not available for the depth of everyone’s pocket.

Expensive Clothing Brands

  •  Gucci

gucci, top clothing brands

Gucci is very famous brand that found a place in the top most expensive clothing brands. This is a prestigious Italian brand, known for designs of clothing for men and women. They encompass stylish ties, luxury luggage Toby, famous design handbags and shoes. The scope of Gucci has cosmetics, sports equipment, jewelry, sunglasses and more. Gucci products have high quality, they are luxurious, stylish and exquisite.

  •  Chanel


Chanel is synonymous with the elite, and this brand is one of the most expensive between the top brands around the world. This designer brand wear the rich and famous. Coco Chanel is the founder of this fashion house. Chanel became synonymous with elegant clothes, but at the same time it is revolutionary in many of the models for women.
The status of this fashion house is the very high level throughout the world.

  • Prada
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Italian clothing brand that cares for enthusiastic fashion fanatics. Prada is famous brand name of clothes – synonymous with simplicity, comfort and confidence of many Hollywood stars. In the hoop of Prada are included their famous perfumes. Prada can be found throughout the world, thanks to their efficient service to reach their target market. “The devil wears Prada” is a true saying about this brand. Producing hats, shoes, etc. and they earn about 1.7 billion in a year.

  •   Armani


Armani is famous name among famous brands of clothing. This Italian brand for men, women and children is among the most expensive and one of the most common customers willing to pay a good amount money for their clothes are again the famous people. Armani has a line of Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Gorgio Armani …

  • Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs is the dream of young ladies. The creations of designer Jacobs placed in the category of expensive pieces. Besides clothes, high cost have also his bags and shoes.Expensive designer brand filled with many colors, pattern, handbags, jewelry.

  •   Dior


Known brand designed for elegant ladies. Popular around the world, Dior is known as a glamorous, elegant and prestigious. Cosmetic product line also represents prestige for some people while others just everyday life. Dior is associated with glamour, prestige and elegance.

  •  Guess
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The most famous brand of jeans.Guess went on sale in supermarkets across America ever since their clothing had successful expansion in the fashion world.

  •  Fendi


Design brand designed for glamorous ladies, including handbags, watches, sunglasses, ties for men . Its beginnings are in 1925 as a fashion house of Eduardo and Adele Fendi, which is best known for purse “Baguette” which to this day is largely demand.

  •  Versace


The Italian fashion house was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Today, well known to all, owns luxury clothes, accessories and makeup, has a line for men and women, and brand fashion enthusiasts. Innovative design with outstanding quality .

  • Valentino


Brand for the high class. Models for high heels. This brand has high esteem throughout the world.

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