Top 5 Best Motorcycle Brands In The World

Whenever one wants to feel free and raise his/her adrenaline level, one of the best way to that is to hop on a powerful motorbike and just hit the road. It is no wonder that bikers are often called “road warriors”, for, as in the olden days, the bike is now to their owner what the horse was to the knights in medieval times. Being a biker, however, is more than just a hobby or passion. It is a way of life. And, in order for one to be true “road warrior”, s/he needs to own a motorcycle from a reputable company. So here is a list of the top 5 best motorcycle brands.

World’s Best Motorcycle Brands

5. Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha Motorcycles, one of the best motorcycle brands

Yamaha Motor Company Limited is a Japanese based motorcycle and engine manufacturer. Originally, the firm was part of Yamaha Corporation, one of the major piano/synthesizer companies, but as of the 1st of July 1955, owner Genichi Kawakami decided to separate the production and to further develop the motorcycle aspect of the company. Yamaha also manufactures different types of motorized vehicles: boats, cutters, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc. Yamaha is the brand of choice of world-known professional motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi.

4. Suzuki Motorcycles

best motorcycle brands, suzuki motorcycles

The Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational company based in Hamamatsu, created in 1909 by Michio Suzuki. It specializes in the manufacturing of both motorcycles and automobiles. In the beginning, the company used to produce looms but with the technology boom, they realized they needed to change directions. The first motorized vehicle sold on the market was the Power Free, a two-stroke engine one horse power bicycle. It appears on the market in 1951. From that point onwards, the company has been expanding, opening factories in Thailand and India.

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3. Kawasaki Motorcycles

motorcycle brands, kawasaki motorcycles

Probably the most famous manufacturer of the so called dirt bikes, the Kawasaki Heavy Industries company produces a wide range of mechanical products. Apart from motorcycles, they also manufacture ships, trains, tractors, even aerospace equipment. They actually started out as a shipbuilding company. The corporation started its production back in 1896, but it wasn’t until 1954 that they introduced to the market their first line of motorcycles, the Meihatsu. The most popular Kawasaki model, however, is the Kawasaki Ninja, whose first model dates from 1984.

2. Honda Motorcycles

motorcycle brands, honda motorcycles

Honda is a Tokyo based corporation that specializes in the production of automobiles and motorcycles. It is actually the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world and the second one in Japan (after Toyota). However, it is the largest motorcycle and internal combustion engines manufacturer in the world. The first Honda motorbike is introduced to the market in 1949. In 1959 the company makes its debut on both the American and European markets.

1. Harley Davidson Motorcycles

harley davison motorcycles, one of the best motorcycle brands

Something more than just a motorcycle brand, the Harley Davidson motorcycles have been roaring along motorways all over the world. It is probably the only vehicle that helped give birth to a whole subculture – the rocker. The Harley Davidson is the trademark of rockers all around the globe. The legacy of this brand is evident and undeniable – in the USA alone, there are five Harley Davidson museums. However, unlike the other sport motorcycles, riding these bikes are not only youngsters. The median age of the average Harley Davidson buyer is 46, as of a study made in 2005.

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