Tips On Selecting the Right Gear Box Size

There are several different criteria that need to be considered before buying a gearbox, none of which is to be undermined.

  • Project Phase Determination

The gearbox type that will be most suitable for a certain driven machine is to be designated during the project phase. The technical staff that are in charge of designing the project get to decide on the type of the gearbox, taking in account the past experiences and knowledge or through the examination of applications before.

When it comes to systems that require less power, motor gears are offered as a solution. They are easy to mount and inexpensive, just as the shaft mounted gearboxes that are preferred because of those same reasons.


  • Determining Gear Box Size

Gearbox size can be designated by using gearbox power tables. For each and every gearbox type, there is also a separate power table. The table serves to reveal the maximum power (kW) that a certain gear box size can transmit in accordance to the input speed and the ratio of the transmission. The output torque the gearbox is able to transmit is shown on a separate table as well.

The power and torque values that are given in the tables are represented in nominal values. The power and torque required for the driven machine ought to be less than the nominal power and torque that can be transmitted by the gearbox if safety for the operation of the gearbox is to be achieved.

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The gearbox is supposed to transmit the Nre a power which is determined through the multiplication of the Nd power that is needed for the safety factor of the driven machine to be achieved. The nominal power of the designated gearbox should not be smaller that the Nr value, however, it can be equal.


  • Thermal Power

Thermal Power (Nt) is the power that can be transmitted from the gearbox without causing it to heat up. This power is dependent on the size of the external surface, the area of the operation, the temperature of the ambient and the operation time that occurs within an hour (FD). The vales of the thermal power each gear box size are able to transmit are shown in the gearbox power tables.

The thermal power values that are shown in the tables are compatible with gearboxes that operate in closed areas where there is ambient temperature of 20-30 C and continuous operation can be conducted.

(fd) represent the coefficient whose value depends on the type of machine in question: no shock loading, medium shock loading, heavy shock loading or very heavy shock loading.

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