Tips for Choosing Safe Cleaning Products

You want your home to sparkle and smell clean, so you rush in the store and buy all sorts of cleaning products to arm yourself with against all that dirt, dust and unpleasant smell. But, do you ever think about how safe these cleaning products are? Have you considered that they may actually be very dangerous for you and your family? The corrosive elements a lot of  these cleaners contain, may clean well, but they actually work against your or your family’s health. So, are there safe cleaning products and how to pick them? Follow these few simple tips and you’ll know what to buy next time you decide it’s time for cleaning:

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  • 1. Know the ingredients.

The first thing you should do when you pick up any cleaning product is to look for the ingredients list. If the product doesn’t have an ingredients list, it doesn’t belong in the safe cleaning products category. You have no idea what you’re dealing with (maybe you’re allergic to something), and to be honest, this is too much of a risk to take it. The ingredients list is a must, and if it’s not there, pass this product. You even have the right to complain to the producer, and ask from the company to put the ingredients list.

  • 2. You see the ingredients list. Now what?
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Once you’re able to see which ingredients are used in the product, you should know which ones are to be avoided. There are certain substances that are generally known as dangerous, and you should always avoid them. Here’s the list:

  • Ammonia – ammonia is often present in harsh cleaning products, despite the fact that it’s dangerous. It’s toxic and shouldn’t be inhaled, touched or swallowed.
  • Chlorine bleach – bleach is strong and toxic, and thus obviously very dangerous for your lungs and eyes. Avoid using bleach every time you can.
  • Petroleum solvents – a lot of petroleum derived ingredients can be found labeled as surfactants (that’s how you’d find them on ingredients lists) and present in many of what are believed to be safe cleaning products but in fact, aren’t. Formaldehyde, another popular petroleum-derived substance is also present in many cleaning products and should also be avoided.
  • Phosphates – these are mainly found in laundry and dishwashing detergents and are extremely harmful to the aquatic life. So, if you can find a detergent without phosphates, switch to it. It will probably be a lot cheaper, so you’ll save some money as well.


  • 3. The options.

If most of what you already know as “ safe cleaning products ” aren’t exactly safe, what can you use? Here are your most available options:

  • baking soda – baking soda is a great cleaner. It can help you with any type of stain or mess, from pet messes to your kids spilling out juices and soups on the floors. If you add vinegar or dish soap to it, you’ll get the perfect mixture for cleaning tiles, floors, pots and pans and even toilets!
  • Washing soda – washing soda is a lot stronger than baking soda is, although many think it’s the same thing. It’s mainly used as a laundry additive and usually is found on that aisle.
  • Vinegar – you can’t skip the vinegar. It’s the ultimate cleaning product and what’s best is: it’s completely safe! Both white and apple cider vinegar are good for cleaning purposes. From personal experience, white vinegar is great for mixed and general cleaning and ACV is the best when it comes to soaking toilets, showers, sinks and other tough water/mildew spots.
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To conclude the discussion, don’t spend that pile of money on products that are simply advertised as safe cleaning products. Pay more attention to ingredients and know what to avoid. You didn’t switch to leading a healthy lifestyle just so some toxic ingredients from your cleaning arsenal could ruin that.

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