Things to do With Your Friends at Home When You’re Bored

Going out clubbing weekend after weekend is fun when you’re a college freshman; the people to hang out with are numerous, you’re legally allowed to consume alcohol, and you’re more than willing to go with the flow. There’s nothing really to worry about except mid-terms. But as the years start hanging over, you start replacing those loud clubs with quiet dinners with a selected few friends you’ve managed to maintain relationships with, and slipping out of your PJs in the middle of the night to go out doesn’t seem so enticing anymore.

It’s not that you’ve lost your wish for having a good time, you’ve just entered a new life phase and that’s perfectly normal. And it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! So next time you’re feeling bored on a Friday night and don’t have to go to work the next day, invite your friends over and we’ll show you how to have a blast without even spending too much.


Organize a Movie Marathon

If you can’t remember the last time you all got together at someone’s house for no particular occasion, then it’s time to make some new memories! You may all have different tastes when it comes to movies, but we’re sure you can find a good comedy you’ll all enjoy. Even better, if it’s almost time for the Oscars, look through the nominees and watch a couple of them to keep ahead with current events. You may even engage everyone in making pizzas together before starting with the marathon for great snacks. The more time you spend together, the more fun!

Your Very Own Stand-Up Show

Everyone enjoys a good laugh; but with good friends, it’s even funnier. You can begin with a few funny jokes you heard at work and before you know it, you’ll all be sharing personal anecdotes about funny mishaps or even hilarious pick up lines someone tried to land on you at the last Christmas party. Telling jokes is better in company because even the lamest ones sound funny when you hear the others laughing. And if you’re not too inspired, you can always help yourself with the Internet for a website about jokes, like, and start the night off!

Game Night

Whether it’s a friendly game of poker where the stakes are not high or a round of Monopoly, encouraging a little competition is always healthy (if it’s within the boundaries of normal, of course). Organize a tournament, spice it up with some shots for every turn and finally, give the winner a grand prize. It may be a bottle of vodka, some sexy cooking apron, or even something more luxurious like a spa day. If you’re not really feeling competitive, just remember how fun a good old game of Truth or Dare used to be. Plus, now you have even juicier secrets to uncover…

A Karaoke Concert

We’re not all born with the angelic voice of Celine Dion and that’s fine. The point of karaoke isn’t to let only the professionals sing; it’s all about fun. When it’s in the privacy of your own home, karaoke can be even more entertaining than at your local club. Now with the help of YouTube it’s even easier to organize it: just plug in the microphone to your laptop or flat screen TV and let the loudness of your applause choose the winner of the night. Make everyone choose their favorite song and tell them there will be no exceptions – everybody sings!

Go On a Trip Down Memory Lane

If you’ve been with these people for a long time, digging up some old photo albums to catch up on the good old days is always a good idea. Of course now, chances are bigger that you’ll come across some digital albums on MySpace. Nevertheless, reminiscing on old times will bring you nothing but positive feelings. Remember how you all loved hanging inside that abandoned tree house? Oh, look at Jason’s hilarious mullet!

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Well, if you haven’t seen your best friends this week, we hope that we’ve given you a few good ideas and inspiration to invite them over. Children may have arrived in your lives, you’re working 60 hours a week, and obligations are way more than they used to be, but remember: good friends remain for life.

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