The Most Unusual Hotels In The World

People have always looking for various ways to express their creativity, and sometimes they even went to the extremes. One of the many examples are the hotels whose creators were creative enough to make the buildings of the strangest materials and in strange shapes. You know that traditional rooms in hotels are square and have four walls. Well this unique hotels have different rooms. These few “non-traditional” unusual hotels, stay in a place like this is a real treat.  Many of you have heard about the ice hotel. Here are some informations about similar hotels.

Weird Hotels

  • Kakslauttanen – Finland

unique hotels

This hotel offers futuristic glass Igloo with guaranteed unobstructed view of the Aurora Borealis, which occurs from August to April. The glass is a special thermal glass that does not freeze despite the incredibly low temperatures from – 30 º Celsius.

  • Wigwam Motel – California

unique hotels

This seems a bit of an Indian commune, or seems like a cheap movie from the 50 -‘s. Although it is not authentic, these wigwams  are enough kitschy – have air conditioning, television, and Internet. Around them there is a pool, a barbecue place and shop for gifts.

  • Salt Palace – Bolivia

unique hotels

If you like salt food, then visit Salt Palace Hotel in Bolivia. Luxurious Salt Palace is built entirely of salt. The floor, ceiling, walls, beds, chairs – it is all salt.

  • Inn Hotel – Sweden
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unique hotels

At first glance this hotel is only a small building the middle of the lake. But the room inside is 10 feet below the water level in the lake. Originally an art installation, today the hotel offers a room with underwater sightseeing. For true relaxation you can relax on the platform or the nearby uninhabited islands. Full privacy guaranteed.

  • Villa Hamster – France

unique hotels

Have you ever wondered how hamsters live in their cages. Well now you are able to feel it on your skin. Villa Hamster in France offers a unique experience. To stay in the “cage” room to drink water from a hose on the wall, and to “twist” in a functional murine wheel.

  • Elephant Safari Lodge – Indonesia

unique hotels

First proof that you are not only in a luxury old Indonesian hotel is the transport  that you get to get in your room. And all around you is details of elephants. Even when you use  the pool, you are free to walk around protected by Sumatran elephants.

  • Jumbo Stay – Sweden

unique hotels

For most climbing into a plane and flying nowhere is a bit ridiculous. Huge Jumbo Jet, located at the airport in Stockholm has been turned into a hotel that has 27 rooms, a restaurant, and even apartment – cockpit. An interesting tourist attraction and practical application for retired aircraft.

  • The Ice Hotel – Sweden
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unique hotels

Although today  in the world there are  many places that make ice hotels, the Swedes made the first tourist miracle. Each year they build different hotel which is open from December to April and every new hotel offers stranger and more interesting experience. Here you can sleep on a bed of ice and cover with a chamois leather to eat in the frozen restaurant and experience many icy adventures

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