The Most Loyal Dog Breeds

All dog breeds know how to socialize with people and get attached to them. They share a common need for company, affection and loyalty and therefore with them we form strong relationships that last as long as we live. Here we have selected a few types of dogs that most cling to people and remain faithful, although any of it can be the most loyal dog in the world if it is treated as part of the family.

Most Faithful Dogs

  • Scottish shepherd

The Lassie dog movies made a  legend  from the Scottish shepherd, but his reputation is entirely deserved. It’s is one of the most intelligent dogs, very attached to the owner and is always friendly to children. It has calm personality.This is the number one between the loyal dogs.


  • German Shepherd

german shepherd
The German Shepherd has a reputation of a dangerous dog because it is used in policing thanks to his intelligence. But once you’ll get to know him, it will form a strong bond that will last long as you live. To come to the fore his good side, it is necessary to be well trained.


  • Labrador retriever

labrador retrieverLabrador retriever is the most popular dog in the family of Labrador, among other things because of its exceptional fidelity. Easily winning environment with its lively temperament, endless energy, intelligence and friendly attitude towards children. It is very good with people, but if the owner is attacked, will not hesitate to fight back.

  • Breton spaniel
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breton spaniel
With breton spaniel you know you did a good job when he goes bird hunting, but he is also one of the best friends of man. Very loyal, easy to learn good habits and loves to cuddle.


  • Mastiff

Massive mastiff is frightening, but it does not say anything about his character. He really is a gentle giant who’s friendly owner, is great for children and knows how to make friends with smaller dogs than other breeds.

  • Boxer

Boxer dog goes to the man who is hard to cope, but it only applies to those who pose a danger to its owner. Otherwise it is a dog that can be easily trained, loves to play outdoors with people who knows.


  • Golden retriever

golden retriever

Golden retriever belongs to those dogs that everyone wants to see running in the yard. It is always good with everyone. Children love his continuous desire to play and cuddle.


  • St. Bernards

st bernard
The huge St. Bernards and act intimidating because many kept it at home to scare off potential intruders. But when it comes to the relationship with the owners, he is a wonderful dog. Always trying to please and knows how to play with other dogs and kids


  • Kuvasz
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kuvaszThe loyalty of this breed originating from Hungary, comes from the fact that he would not hesitate to save his friend even when attacked by animal butchery. When faced with such a challenge, loves to play and run.

  • Beagle

beagle That dog is very friendly and behaves well even to those who sees for the first time. It tries in every way to pleasure grounds of the owner and it’s great with children.

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