The Most Effective Natural Beauty Tips

Since the beginning of time, we are graced with the best friends of plant life, top aides for skin care and hair care. And if you buy some of the best, healthy, natural cosmetics, you will notice that the list of ingredients is full of names of herbs. But let’s face it, these small cosmetics are expensive. Fortunately, it is not hard to prepare your own domestic cosmetics using herbs and essential oils. If you are looking for cheaper version of these expensive cosmetics, use this natural beauty secrets. You will not spend much, but anyway you’ll have a beautiful and healthy skin and hair thanks to the natural beauty tips.

 Home Beauty Tips

  •  Rosemary


It’s no secret why many brands make natural shampoo from rosemary – extracts from this herb  give shine to dark hair and strengthens damaged ends. Make yourself strong tea of ​​rosemary and rinse hair with it after you finish with your shampoo. You can make domestic oil from rosemary too. Take a few fresh twigs and put them in a bottle (you can add fresh ginger to give intensity of flavor and medicinal qualities of rosemary), add olive oil and leave it in a dark place to stand for two weeks. Massage your scalp and hair and leave the oil of rosemary to stand for one night on your hair, so that particles of oil, rosemary and ginger will penetrate deep into the hair roots. Repeat the treatment several times and see how your hair quickly restores radiance and vitality!

  • Chamomile and thyme
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Make a strong tea of ​​chamomile and gently clean the face. Chamomile is good for oily skin. Pour a liter of this tea in your bathroom, because chamomile clean stains on the body,  and not to mention how relaxed you’ll be … Ah!


The thyme you can prepare for natural cleansing lotion in combination with fennel: Take two branches fresh thyme and two tablespoons of fennel seeds and place them in boiling water. Add lemon juice to the hot mixture and let it stand 20 minutes. Then put it into clean glass bottle and put it in the fridge.

  • Lavender


Lavender is a favorite herb of many natural products for skin care, so why don’t you make your own product? Lavender is soothing and antiseptic herb and is an excellent solution for burns, psoriasis, infections and sensitive skin at all. Make tonic with strong lavender tea, or in a small spray bottle fill distilled water and add a few drops of lavender oil (start with a little, and then continue to add more drops until you get the item what you want). And because lavender is a natural mood enhancer, using this spray will make you smile, and that is definitely the key to beauty.

  • Rose water
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You can buy a bottle of rose water or  aromatherapy spray made from rose, but if you have a flower garden then simply make you own. To prepare the cleansing lotion you need: 1 cup Rose water, 10 drops of rose essential oil and 2 tablespoons of glycerin. Since ancient times, rose water is used as a gentle astringent because it contains natural ingredients that help to reduce wrinkles and inflammation. It is used with cotton, such as toner or spray which you sprayed your face several times a day. And remember, you will smell wonderful!

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