The Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey

Since ancient times people knew and used the health benefits of honey. This product of bees is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. These include : iron, calcium , phosphorus , potassium , copper , magnesium , manganese , chromium and selenium. In addition, honey contains amino acids that are essential to the body. Multitude of plant ingredients in honey strengthens the immune system and increase resistance to disease  and raw honey is full of enzymes which play important role in regeneration and health of cells, absorption of food and all biological processes.

To benefit from the overall healing power of honey it should be natural. Often the question is how to recognize natural honey and whether it crystallizes. The answer is – yes. Natural honey over time crystallized in that may differ from the artificial. To check whether it is natural honey soak the toothpick jar with honey. When you take it out if honey is flowing in an unbroken line, it is natural honey. When you roll over the closed jar with honey if on the top of the jar forms an air bubble that’s also an indicator that the honey is natural .

All Health Benefits Of Honey

health benefits of honey

  • Acacia’s honey in combination with chamomile tea is a good treatment for vertigo, insomnia and pains that occur during menopause.
  • Honey in rosehip tea is recommended for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract
  • Tilia honey in a glass of warm milk is perfect for cold.
  • For the treatment of heart disease take meadow honey dissolved in a glass of water n which was added juice of one lemon.
  • To treat bronchitis and cough you should drink warm milk in which is dissolved a large spoonful of honey.
  • Teatment for constipation – honey should be taken dissolved in cold water , as dissolved in hot water has the opposite effect.
  • To improve immunity and general condition of the body , it is good every morning on an empty stomach to take one tablespoon of honey.Although honey is an antibiotic, it is known that bacteria can not live in honey.
  • Cough
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The combination of honey and lemon juice soothes coughs, relaxes the body , and the irritation of the throat from the first spoonful of this drink immediately becomes bearable .

health benefits of honey

  • One spoon honey before bed prevents water retention and calms fears in children . insomnia
  • Spoon melted honey in a glass of warm milk acts as a miracle for insomnia .
  • Cure for hangover

Mix honey with orange juice and yogurt. This drink can be taken with a piece of bread . Since this you will feel much better even if the hangover is too strong to pass immediately .

  •  Lotion for deep cleansing

Mix honey with oatmeal flour ( 50/50 ) until you get a thick paste that you will apply to the face . Let let stand for half an hour and then wash your face . This is an excellent remedy against acne.

  •  Hair

Mix honey with just as many olive oil and apply this mixture on your hair . Cover your hair with a hot towel and leave to stand for about an hour and a half. Then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with water.

  • Sore throat

Melt a tablespoon of honey and the back of your mouth and let the melted honey to flow through the throat. This relieves inflammation of the throat.

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