When the Sun Goes Down, Outdoor Lights Wear the Crown

You may have the most chic and unique interior design, but without a dazzling exterior your living space would lack in both aesthetics and functionality. Planting unique trees and shrubs, tending to vibrant and aromatic flowers, planing the layout of outdoor décor elements, these are all tasks that lead to a wonderful and inviting landscape design. A stylish landscape design can enhance the beauty of your home and make spending time outdoors with your family and friends a true bliss. With a bit of creativity and proper maintenance you can have a chic outdoor space ready for having fun days outside with your loved ones. But the uses of a functional and chic outdoors should not be exclusive to day-time only.

You should also be able to enjoy in your garden or backyard when the sun goes down and the moon decides to cast its magical moon-dust on the lush greenery of your plants and shrubs. Without a practical and elegant lighting design your wonderfully planned landscape will basically disappear when night falls. A properly lit backyard makes the perfect place for spending romantic moments with your partner or hosting fun dinner parties with your friends. Add to this a few simple methods to warm up your outdoors, such as a practical outdoor heater and soft blanket and throws for your furniture and you’ve got yourself the ideal spot for relaxing, dining and entertaining all year round.

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There are a few important aspects to keep in mind when planning your lighting design, including security, functionality, safety and of course let’s not forget about the visual appeal of the lights. When illuminating any part of your home security from theft is usually the main concern. Instead of using bright floor lights, it would be better to strategically place outdoor wall Led lights that can be adjusted to provide the desired amount of illumination. In this case, you would want moderate amount of brightness that would be distributed evenly on the walls. Consider installing in-ground lights that are great for illuminating pathways and any dark spots in your backyard where thieves can easily hide. From an aesthetic point of view outdoor wall Led lights are also ideal for highlighting the best features of your interior and enhancing the overall usability of your living space.

LEDs are highly resistant to shock and impact, making them suitable for outdoor use. Due to the rugged body of the lights, which is often made from such materials as stainless steel and aluminium they can withstand the harsh outdoor elements and the sleek appearance of metal gives the a modern and chic design. To further enhance the beauty of your landscape design you can also install spot lights, which are designed to cast a soft light, create a lovely shadow and highlight unique architectural elements.

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