Rose Tattoos: Show Your Love For Important People In Your Live

Rose tattoos are believed to have a romantic meaning to them. Actually, the flower has always been associated with love and passion. It is not yet quite clear why rose plays such an important role in the matters related to the heart. However, the most apparent reason could be the thorns that appear on its stem, which make difficult to pluck the flower. Every lover has to fight the thorns in order to reach the rose. Meaning, if someone has plucked a rose for you, he/she is ready to go through trouble and hardship for you. Today, roses can be easily plucked with tools but in the bygone centuries, lovers had to do it with bare hands and some of them even got hurt in the process. Hence, the importance of the flower was much higher in those centuries. Nowadays, pain and hardship are felt when someone gets a rose tattoo.

Rose tattoos: Multiple ways to show you care

rose tattoos

Truly, by choosing to get a rose tattoo, you actually bear pain in the name of the person about whom you care. It could be your beloved, parent, or some other family member. In order to dedicate the tattoo, you could ask the tattooist to ink the name of the person as well. The color of the tattoo is usually red or shades close to it. Nevertheless, it is completely a personal decision in what color you would like to have the tattoo. Other than red, people choose to have cool rose tattoos in yellow, orange, blue, green, etc. If you are confused as to which color you should choose, you could go with the special person’s favorite shade.

Complex designs or simple rose tattoos

rose tattoos

Rose tattoos look awesome in both complex and simple designs. Still, for every person it is a hard decision to make; however, a simple way to decide is to consider time span and level of pain involved. Although many people do understand that complex rose tattoos for men and women take a longer time to ink, they forget to consider that pain will be more too. Therefore, if your pain threshold is not much, you should choose a simple rose design. You can always get a complex design later on.

What is your rose tattoo meaning

rose tattoos

For the Greeks, rose was the flower of Aphrodite. According to Greek legend, when the goddess heard that her lover Adonis was in pain, she ran to be with him but unfortunately, she stepped on the thorns of a rose bush. It caused blood to flow out and paint the roses red. Christians, on the other hand, associate this flower with Virgin Mary. Many people, who claimed to have seen Virgin Mary, got the flower’s mesmerizing smell right before spotting her. Hence, roses have a deep mythological meaning. It is linked to love and passion as expressed in the Greek legend. Alternatively, Christianity associates the flower with innocence and motherly love. When it comes to getting a rose tattoo, your interpretation of the flower matters most. You need to think – what emotions the flower invokes in your mind. Is it love and passion or innocence?

The charming black rose tattoos


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rose tattoos

Black rose tattoos are charismatic and great attention grabbers. Actually, the color black looks cool when it is added to a rose tattoo design. Moreover, every black rose tattoo is unique because it is so hard to find a black rose in real life. Therefore, when people spot black rose tattoos, they are drawn to that person sporting the tattoo. These tattoos are especially popular amongst men, as the black color makes the rose look masculine. However, even some women, who like the color, opt for black rose tattoos.

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