Quick Steps For Instant Wake Up

Waking up is the hardest thing to do after a hard day especially if you must wake up early the morning after that day. Warm bed, comfortable pillow, listening to the rain drops on your window, interesting dreams… perfect.. and just when you thought that you have a lot time to sleep, your alarm clock is here to end up your wonderful relationship with your bed. And now a problem: how to leave the bed?

instant wake up tips

Personally I have tried all the ways of waking up and guess what? – It didn’t worked! I’ve tried waking up with favorite song that makes me dance – and the result was: I hated the song after three days.. I tried waking up with cold shower – also didn’t worked and I better not mention you all the other things I tried just to wake up early ofcourse when I have to. So I decided to try some new things which actually helped. Then I get the idea to write you about the things that helped me wake up in the morning about those who have the same problem like me. Follow this steps for instant waking up and I hope this will work for you too.

Instant Wake Up Tips

Put your alarm clock as far as you can in your bedroom!

When your alarm clock is ringing you must reach it to turn it off. If it’s near your bed you can easily reach it and turn it off in order to continue your dream “5 more minutes” and we don’t want that. Solution is easy, just put your alarm clock on a place which you can reach only if you get up off the bed if you want to stop that ringing tone.  That’s the moment when you have to leave your bed in order to turn off your alarm clock.

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Open the windows and remove the curtains!

If you sleep in a dark room, which is normal, after your alarm clock tells you it’s time for wake up and following the step No.1 you leave your bed go to the window. Open it and remove the curtains. Let the fresh air be the first thing you feel after you wake up, and much better let the sun open your eyes.

Wash your face with cold water.

This will not only speed up your circulation but it will help your eyes to have a contact with something cold which is good after the whole night your body temperature was constant.

Make yourself strong coffee

Caffeine can also help you with waking up. Your brain will stop sleeping and it will funcional very good after the caffeine starts to act.

Lemon juice

If you’re not fan of coffee simple replace it with lemon juice. Lemon juice will help you waking up. Lemon will refresh you instantly because of the high amount of vitamin C.

Take some dark chocolate

Wondering how chocolate can help you?
Dark chocolate has a lot of the obromine which is one of the “cures” that can wake you up instead of making you sleepy. Also dark chocolate has a lots of antioxidants, and will raise your mood. Isn’t a bad idea to start your day with a piece of chocolate, right?

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Eat something crispy

Eating something crispy will help your face muscles wake up. So take some chips, cornflakes, or anything similar. Apple can also have the same effect if you want something healthy.

Make your bed

Some physical activity can help you waking up quickly and making your bed is ideal. You will also be happy when you come home after your work because you won’t deal with the messy bed.

Sing your favorite song

Favorite song can always bring you positive effects. So don’t mind to listen your favorite song while you’re preparing to go to work. But it’s important to choose some song with fast rhythm, maybe you’ll be willing to dance too.

Have some positive thoughts

If you wake up earlier you have more chances to make your day perfect and do the things you want to without nervousness.

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