Pro’s and Con’s of Buying a New or Used Truck Engine

Being the single most important part of vehicles, the truck performance heavily depends on the engine and the way it works. The engines used in trucks are specially built to allow the trucks travel over very long distances and resist daily heavy abuse without compromising the performance. But as well as all other truck parts, engines may break down and either requires a major, expensive repair or a replacement. The reason can be misuse, malfunction or a truck accident.

If you are looking for a replacement engine, you are probably going through some though time deciding between the thrill of buying a new truck engine or the economical option of buying used truck engine. There is no answer to cover all buyers’ needs because it depends on the truck owner’s buying preferences. To make it easier for you, here are the pros and cons of buying a new and used truck engines.

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Advantages Of Used and NewTruck Engines

  • The Pro’s Of Buying A Used Engine:
    • Lower price tag → bigger money savings;
    • Lower tax rate and insurance costs;
    • No dealing with depreciation;
    • The Con’s Of Buying A Used Engine:
    • Low reliability may be the reason why the owner is selling it;
    • More frequent and more expensive maintenance needs;
    • Limited or no warranty;
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    The biggest advantage of used truck engines that they are widely available and are much more affordable than new engines. Even if you cannot find a particular engine make in your local dealer, you can easily search online for it and get it delivered to your door.

    • The Pro’s Of Buying A New Engine:
    • Comes with a multiple-year warranty;
    • Comes in top condition and has longer maintenance periods;
    • You can choose color, features, and options;


    • The Con’s Of Buying A New Engine:
    • Higher purchase price;
    • High depreciation expense;
    • Insurance and taxes rates are more expensive;


    The main reason to consider new truck engines rather than used truck engines is the reliability you get. However, finding a new, reliable engine for your truck might be more difficult than it seems. While used truck engines can do a good job with your truck, new engines will do a great job and allow your truck perform at its optimal performance.

    The online truck stores have become a very popular option of buying both new and used truck engines. The best thing about online shopping is that there is no middleman involved with the online dealers. Therefore, if you decide to buy online, expect some significant savings of both time and money. With all said, it is clear that both options have their pro’s and con’s, so it’s up to you to decide which works better for you.

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